September 2014

Dirt on the Clinton filth.

This from the Business Insider:

The annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative, an initiative of the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation dedicated to addressing "global challenges," is taking place in New York this week. The Republican National Committee marked the occasion by dumping a huge opposition research file on Clinton to reporters.


Death of the Planet: US Corporations plunging climate and environment into oblivion with unbridled Chinese Fracking boom$$$.

And the Obama administration is helping them do it.

Supporting more moderates of war????

How can US Congress insist on Christian values when they keep supporting war?

Time and time again this philosophy has proven the fact that moderates turn into extremist, wipe out their competition and look for a new enemy usually the supplier of the weapons. Reap what you sow

Chris Hedges speaks at Fighting Bob Fest.

Excerpt of Hedges speech taken from the Isthmus weekly news magazine Madison, WI, reported by Ruth Conniff, page 8:

“Okay, I’ve got 15 minutes to start a revolution.” Said Pulitzer Prize-winning former New York Times correspondent and radical author Chris Hedges. Hedges denounced the “corporate coup d’etat” in the United States and called for a nonviolent popular movement using mass civil disobedience to “overthrow the corporate state.”

The Republicans "Get it"

In the battle for the hearts and minds of America I stand in wonder at the ability of the Republicans and their messaging machine.

It is as if the Democrats are not even aware there is a war on, and they have no idea how to fight this new war.

Republicans know how the war is fought, and they know just how to press their advantages. Time and again the Democrats following find their campfire cold,....and the Republicans are already 5 moves ahead of them.

"Tax Savings Professionals" ad played during TH on Sirius "Progress"

I heard this exact ad this morning on Sirius "Progress" channel 004 when listening to a rerun of Thom Hartmann. It flat out brags that their clients pay 15% taxes vs 31% of most people and how you can use the 50% savings on your taxes as "a bonus for yourself!".

The ten demandements

#1 Everyone in the world is entitled to own a home and no one can own more than one because then everyone would be entitled own more than one. The Banks cannot own anything.

#2 Everyone in the world is entitled to clean drinking water. All industries/governments that endanger drinking water must be eliminated and held accountable.

#3 Everyone in the world is entitled to eat without suffering from hunger.

#4 Everyone in the world is entitled to good health care.

The Game Plan

War Pitch

"It is impossible to describe yourself as free when you are constantly watched."



Perhaps the terrorist group should be called IS, but that would depend upon what the definition of is is.


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GM Shows Why We Need Medicare for All

Thom plus logo General Motors just pulled healthcare for 50,000 workers. There are some Democratic candidates suggesting that people love their health insurance companies, but this calculated move by a giant corporation that you and I helped bail out proves that employer sponsored healthcare is just another tool to control workers.