November 2014


why do we keep using the word conservative to describe the right-wing nuts who foul our politics? inhofe isn't a conservative, but a throwback. biblical purists substitute belief for thinking. let's relentlessly call such folks "antisocial," enemies of civilization, ignorant dummies, because they are.

Thom asked "How can we change this Society?"

I have one answer to that question. I was the biggoted son of a mother from coal cracking Wilkes-Barre, Pa and father from the mountain folk of Appaliacia. Then I changed and followed Ghandi's advice. I adopted two children of African American heritage. Today I am a follower of non-violent resolution like Ghandi and King but if I we in my teens or twenties and lived in the St Louis area I would be tossing molotov cocktails. I have a very keen appreciation for both sides of this but know in the very marrow of my bones that Justice has been DENIED.

Google Earth Slow To Come Up After Upgrade?

You may also experience a popup that says "unable to connect to servers" or if it finally does come up and you zoom down everything is fuzzy (no detail).
Do this (on Windows):
1. click on Start (Windows Icon on lower left corner)
2. In the Search box enter "Internet" (without the quotes)
3. click on "internet options"
4. click on "connections"
5. click on LAN settings
6. uncheck "Automatically detect settings"
7. restart Google Earth

“Pulse of the Maggots,” by Slipknot

This is the year where hope fails you
The test subjects run the experiments
And the bastards you know, is the hero you hate
But cohesing is possible if we strive
There's no reason, there's no lesson
No time like the present, telling you right now
What have you got to lose, what have you got to lose
Except your soul? Just listen

2 in the chest 2 in the head

2 in the chest 2 in the head Assin style.

Why is it that that is not the question being brought up with the media? to the court?

If the police officer really felt the need to shoot this unarmed man then why after he wounded him with four or more shots / why is it he had to shoot him twice in the chest & twice in the head?


Thoms show The big Picture isn't on Free Speech on Derectv in my area

The big Picture is not on Derectv in Riverside CA is this happening everywhere? Or only to my area?


Thoms show The big Picture isn't on Free Speech on Derectv in my area

The big Picture is not on Derectv in Riverside CA is this happening everywhere? Or only to my area?


Unacceptable Obamanation: “Data on Oil, Gas, Mining Projects Often Incomplete, Missing or Inaccessible”

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The Supreme Court Broke Politics - How Do We Now Reform the Supreme Court?

Thom plus logo We complain about the state of American politics; about a mentally ill billionaire in the White House and a Republican Party crawling with hustlers and conmen, and a few in the Democratic Party as well. The complaints are legitimate, but most people don't realize why the situation is as bad as it is.