December 2014

Kennedy Center galas are used by Washington to imbue politicians with the Movie Star like properties average American’s revere and worship.

In contemporary society the media is an indispensable tool in politicians attempts to manufacture consent. In addition to Washington using the media to disseminate special interest group lies over and over again, politicians also seek to craft a favorable and “usable” image of themselves in the minds of voters. They do this, in part, by promoting an image of themselves as “stars” or “celebrities.”

Merry Christmas from congress once again

Once AGAIN our congress has thrown in a last minute snake to bite the American people.This time it was placed into the so called Omnibus. Witch is ridiculous in itself accounting for 600 billion in defense out of 1.1 trillion.

They snaked in the NEXT Banker bailout for the banker's that have already gambled and lost billions, perhaps trillions of dollars.

Washington\Wall St pissed off and feels somebody needs to jack up the price of oil to a “fair” (?) rate.

Washington represents Big Oil and that's that - period!

Yes, Obama Spends His Days Working in the Natural Gas and Oil Fields

Obama labors in the fields were natural energy resources are being extracted. As we all know, that is how he spends much of his time.

Obama’s contribution to austerity only hurt the economy and he continues to leave the 99% to fend for themselves.

Obama’s economic policy for the 99% was an obamanation, he basically just bailed out Wall St and took their advice to subject 99% of the nation to the pains of austerity\sequestration.

Fights Break Out Involving Teenagers in Three Different Public Places in the Chicago Area

Fightes involving teenagers took place within the span of a few days in three public places. The first was at Chicago's largest tourist attraction, Navy Pier. This situation it was reported involved some 30 teenagers. The second was at the large McDonald's in River North. I saw video on the evening news of kids throwing chairs at others. The third location where fighting involving many teens occurred was in the food court at Chicago Ridge Mall, in south suburban Chicago Ridge. The "organizers" it is believed used text messaging to bring

Triple Threat to NSA Hacking

"New Snowden Documents Reveal That The NSA Can't Hack Everyone" by Lauren C. Williams, Think Progress

It seems that a combination of Tor to connect to the internet, CSpace to send online messages, and ZRPT to make phone calls is a triple threat to NSA hacking.


Should Bush and Cheney be tried for Torture?

Here is a note I just sent to ECCHR, along with a donation to help fund their efforts.

HOORAY!!! Climate collapse contributors freaking out as Chevron CEO pulled before The Hague for Crimes Against Humanity.

It’s now the Koch Brothers turn, Rex Tillerson’s turn, Mitch McConnel’s turn, …..on and on and on…the People can reclaim their Planet’s future (well, at least they might be able to stretch out the time that remains for what's left of it)

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Are We At "Peak" Citizen's United?

Thom plus logo Donald Trump has corrupted pretty much every federal agency, but the one that is most concerning is his corruption of the Department of Justice. Bill Barr, in 1992, ran the cover up of the Iran/Contra treason scandal on behalf of George HW Bush and Ronald Reagan. Now he's running, according to Lev Parnas, multiple coverups for Donald Trump.