December 2014

Home values of the 99% plummeting as Obama’s fracking causes them to crack and fall apart.

And the worry of whether or not the water is safe to drink makes these homes completely unsaleable even when the local banks and credit unions have to foreclose because the mortgage is bigger than the appraised value.

More and more, on every issue effecting the economy and social justice it is simply us against them – Washington\Special Interest Nexus versus the 99%. Washington serves these special interests almost exclusively while the 99% is left to fend for itself. And their fending for themselves in part against a rigged judicial system.

Myopic Obama helps American’s indulge their lethal addiction to fossil fuels for the bump in his approval rating.

Indulging a People’s self-destructive addiction for your own gain is wildly irresponsible and never ends well for the addict. But that is precisely what O’bama, the cynical bitch of dirty energy, is doing.

Cheap and/or abundant fossil fuels of any kind at this stage of our atmosphere’s collapsing ability to support life is insane. As insane as doing the same thing (e.g. earning a shellacking) twice and expecting different results.

I will fight for you tooth and nail Bernie Sanders

BUT of course I want you to make a youtube unimpeachable that says 'we are going to get back to the constitution, and that means prosectuting all war crimes, even if I have to spend a lot of time issuing pardons. And, we're going to break the banks and Wall street, just by prosecuting them to the constitution for the crimes against us and usury above what is good for the nation. And you will remind everyone that the spirit of the constitution is about the health and welfare of people, with unimpeachable rights, inumerable in nature.'


Democrats got murdered in the last election.

Russia Today in America and the KBG

Anna Applebaum had a very interesting piece on the Russian Plutocracy and Kleptocracy, in the New York Review. In it Putin's forays in to Western Media which are very sophisticated as befits a season effective brilliant operative of the Russian Soviet Intellgence Service, the KGB. The idea broadly is to broadcast critical accounts of the American National Government largely a plutocracy so as to do its best to undrmine the legitimacy of the U.S. government.

Who Started New York's "Dead Cops" Chant?

A little over a week ago, a group of people marched down the streets of Manhattan and called for police to be killed.

But exactly who cried out for violence has been somewhat of a mystery as New York goes through it's most tense moment in more than a decade.

Evidence from photos, video, social-media posts, and interviews suggest that a group -- the New York chapter of the Trayvon Martin Organizing Committee or TMOC -- might have been involved.

TPP is Boston Tea Party in reverse.

TPP?! Why should Washington be allowed to grant an economic burden to 99% of Americans to a foreign entity?!

Their comes a time when lack of economic patriotism gets so shrill - as is the case with today's Washington\Wall St\1% nexus - that it should constitute an illegal act.

Why was law suit against Kerry and Obama’s illegal “Line 61” Enbridge Pipeline thrown out of court?

"The vision is Privacy, Security and Freedom for all of the people of the world."

"The vision is Privacy, Security and Freedom for all of the people of the world."

Maidsafe Network = Internet 2.0, Privacy, Anonymity and Security Included.

The Internet without you being treated like a piece of meat. Your data is secure and you won't be tracked!

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Does Trump "Tweet" When His Staff Says No?

Thom plus logo Lev Parnas tells the story of how Donald Trump fired ambassador Marie Yovanovitch at least "four or five times," and that they were afraid that he would "fire her with a tweet." This is not the first time we have heard from White House insiders that the president often gives irrational or stupid orders that his staff then ignores.