December 2014

Guaranteed Livable Income

What is the long train of abuses the 1% of the kids doing to the progeny of our founding forefathers ?

They are organizing through Powell memo’s, think tanks and ALEC to write the rules and get them passed through our legislative branch. We were instructed by our forefathers to throw them off and assign new guards for our future security.

Suggestions of callers into the show say throwing off the bad kids is too difficult from our couch, but Thom says in our 1930 cycle we had nothing to lose back then, now we still have some assets we could lose should we try anything.

The Working Person’s Republican

To be a Republican today, one must be rich, cruel, or incredibly politically ignorant, and they’re not mutually exclusive! For a working person to vote republican is tantamount to taking his hammer and hitting himself in the head. President Truman said: “The Republican Party, as I said a while ago, favors the privileged few and not the common everyday man.”

New York’s ban of Obama’s Fracking in Climate Terms: keeping 273 MILLION TONS of C02 in the ground.

Not to mention Methane leaks, water pollution, air born toxins from frack sand mining, flaming kitchen faucets, etc., etc., etc.


Merry Grand Consumption Everyone!

May you practice your best forced smile through the coming days of soul crushing bullshit with People, who had you not been born along side, you’d probably never want to socialize with in the first place, not to mention their spouses and kids

(thank you, that felt good to say, ... now comes the inside voice for the rest of the weekend)

Scoring For-Profit Prisons

All of the conservatives like to talk about measuring the performance of public teachers and scoring schools by testing (often giving charter schools a break). What about the incarceration industry?

They should be scored by the recidivist rate of their graduates. If they do not achieve an acceptable rate, then they lose their contract. Nothing about this business is measured in any socially acceptable manner.

Mitch McSphincter’s Top Priority: Help O’bama pass his Trans Pacific Partnership.

fast track here we come?!

And we complain that Democrats and Republicans don’t work together.

America has changed a lot since its inception. We were formed out of disgust for overseas control and now the President wants to pass the TPP which will grant some of that control back overseas. In a very strong way, the TPP is government aiding the unpatriotic tendencies of today’s multinational corporations. No wonder they keep the it so hush, hush.

Hillary: Deluded democrats grappling with offering economic growth or fairness.

Implicit to their stupid conundrum is the belief that you can’t have economic growth if you try to deconcentrate wealth to help the disappeared (past tense) middle class.

As the author points out “part of an elaborate dance to mask the old failed ideas as part of a new reform era.” In other words, Democrats plan on preserving the status quo if re-elected to the Presidency.

I guess if Hillary was to plan on changing the status quo then Goldman Sachs billionaire Warren Buffet wouldn’t be bankrolling her.

Sony Corporation profits threatened by cyber vandalism: O’bama gets all wee wee’ up. Unions get undermined and Obama does nothing.

When corporate profits come under attack Obama swings into motion, but when family incomes come under attack Obama doesn’t lift a finger. In fact, he might even help the attack.

One more thing, the defective air bags manufactured by the “Japanese” firm takara are made in the US and Mexico. (I don't know if NAFTA played a part in it, but i wouldn't doubt it)

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"The Saddest Thing Is This Won't Be Breaking News"

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