January 2015

Keystone Pipeline: Eminent Domaine Against Resisters by TRANSCANADA

This is paragraph seven in a New York Times article on the struggle against the Keystone Pipeline.

"This week, TransCanada, the company proposing the pipeline, begain eminent domaine proceedings in Nebraska county courts, seeking to gain access to almost 90 properties where the owners have not agreed to terms. Many of those landowners have said they have no intention of allowing construction."


Pope seeks to make a SAINT out of a SLAVER

It is thoroughly disgusting to learn that the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church intends to canonize Father Junipero Serra who, in the early days of California's invasion/settlement by outsiders, literally enslaved the California Native Peoples, leading them to suffer and die miserable deaths after the tragic loss of their freedom.

What kind of world is this where there are minds who believe they can give a SLAVER and perpetrator of genocide the title of SAINT without anyone being shocked, disgusted, appalled, angered?

Climate Change Playlist

UC Berkley Law School has put Law 272.3 on YouTube, Climate Change and the Law. Taught by Cymie Payne and Dan Farber as part of the Environmental Law program at Berkeley Law.

Protecting the Commons with the Public Trust Doctrine

Greetings to all! This is my first post here. I am writing to inform those of you who are interested about my non-profit called Earth Rising, Inc. dedicated to empowering citizens to protect the environment and achieve sustainable natural resource management using a tool called the public trust doctrine. I have a fledgling website at naturerising.org. It does not have a lot there yet but keep watching.

DEBTORS PRISONS Americas new 21ST Century concept

The ACLU had found that debtors’ prisons were “flourishing” in this country, “more than two decades after the Supreme Court prohibited imprisoning those who are too poor to pay their legal debts.” In 2011, Huffington Post reported that" debtors’ prisons were legal in more than one-third of the states in this country." Some debtors are even required to pay for their time spent in jail.

1000 Lashes for being a LIBERAL

1,000 lashings of Saudi liberal blogger Raif Badawi began on a Friday, immediately following prayers at a nearby mosque, the husband and father of three, his wrists and ankles chained, was led into public square in the port city of Jiddah, then flogged 50 times in front of his fellow citizens by the SAUDI government . His family is watching his ordeal on the news from CANADA. For 20 weeks straight, Badawi will endure 50 lashings, each lasting about 15 minutes. He has been in jail, since 2012 .

Should the next WH Administration be required to take some type of legal action against the Supreme Court 5?

Envision a world you'd like to see and take the steps to make it happen! It might take a while, but like the Republicans and Democrats have illustrated big changes take time and incremental efforts designed to erode the status quo.

Looting by legalese is NOT governing.

Shiftless, backstabbing, craven and cowardly Politicians take note – looting the 99% by legalese to benefit the few is NOT governing. Just because a legal opinion says its ok, doesn’t mean it should be done.

So, take your TPP and Shove IT.

Robert Redford correctly compares Paris Terrorists to Washington Politicians$$$ attempting to Kill Net Neutrality.

For the telecom industry I guess “profit” is viewed along the lines of “religion”

Finally, People are starting to realize that moneyed Washington Politicians are pen and paper terrorists of the 99%.

I suppose Obama will sneak the death of net neutrality into the TPP instead of using a piece of relatively stand alone legislation. That way it may not be so readily apparent that he lied once again, and again, and again.


Maybe these hard right Republicans trained at a school full of AYN RAND devotees , you know that right wing fraud , who spent her whole life railing at the EVIL of socialism and in doing so made quite a good living , but in the end OUTED herself as the true right wing huckster she really was, by accepting and using her government senior pension and her government medical health coverage , but of course ever the fraud ,obtained it under her husbands name of O'Connor, hoping her deception wouldn't be caught.

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The Kavanaugh Scandal Goes Beyond Sex & Must Be Investigated

Thom plus logo While all the attention on the possibility of impeaching justice beer bong Kavanaugh is focused on his alleged sexual behavior, the real scandal is that the Republicans refused to release years of paperwork on his participation, when he was inside the Bush administration, with regard to torture and other war crimes.