January 2015

Target's package for ex-CEO matches package for all 17,600 Canadian workers put out of work by Target leaving CANADA

"My next gig is to become a CEO of a company, fail miserably and collect millions," a Twitter user named Tim Parent tweeted Thursday morning.

Target’s "employee trust" package for its Canadian workers, announced last week, amounts to $70 million ($56 million US). It’s designed to provide each worker with 16 weeks of pay.

Depending on who’s doing the calculation, the golden handshake handed to ex-CEO Gregg Steinhafel last May is in roughly in the same ballpark.

Seeking What?

Love is Progressive Part 37: Seeking What?

Evil Deadly Habits: Using the elements of warfare to feed ourselves

How do we stop the madness of applying military methods and ideas, which have now become the modern conventions of agriculture. The so called green revolution “higher yields per acre” was started by the DOD decommissioning of nitrogen based munitions on crop land, and chemical weapons as insecticide ( http://www.smithsonianmag.com/people-places/whats-eating-america-1212293... ) using the nitrates from bombs as fertilizer crop yields skyrocketed. Soil science of the forties and fifties did not understand the complexities of Pedoshpere.

Boehners October surprise

Boehner is doing the October surprise belatedly and not in hiding. War is a racket. War is how many make their profits by fleecing the US government and Americans. After billions of dollars stolen through various wars, we have no protection from the cheating and abuses. Levin was one of the few, because he planned on retiring, that actually went after the abuse as part of the oversight committee. the products made in china and sold to the military. It matters. Boehner feels that he has been side lined because he is not given

Roe V Wade (for men too?)

The way this topic is discussed makes me breathless. No one on the phone (men or women) has addressed the elephant in the room - When are we going to talk about men's lack of inclusion in ANY discussion of reproduction??

How weird is this - I feel like the one-eyed man in the valley of the blind Tom - how about writing a book about how we only discuss the issue as if parthenogenesis were real?

Come on.. this is ridiculous.

Republicans Censor Facts On Climate Change from Obama State of the Union

Has any other news outlets picked up on this story.

Republicans Censor Facts On Climate Change from Obama State of the Union



Obama's State of the Union Address

Did you watch Obama's State of the Union? I didn't. To be honest, I just couldn't bring myself to set there a listen to a two hour love fest between Obama and the Democratic members of Congress while the Republicans sat there and groused. And, of course, while you're watching Obama talk about his plans, not America's, you have to watch lap dog Joe Biden sitting there in the background with that goofy look on his face like he's waiting for a treat, and then there's Boehner. He always looks like he's trying to sneak out for a smoke.

The Republican Response to the SOTU speech...

The response to the Republican response:

The Republican’s prepared speech starts by ignoring the president State of the Union Speech.

Highlights about flip flop…

February is NOT the cruelest month, and T.S. Eliot is not a Brit

T.S. Eliot was born in 1888 in St Louis and was educated at Harvard. He later moved to England, adopted Anglicanism, and became a British citizen.

He remarked on the cruellest month in his poem The Waste Land. The month he identified was April, not February. Other than that, I enjoyed your show.

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Did Trump Commit Treason?

Thom plus logo News reports increasingly are suggesting that Donald Trump has committed treason in making a promise to a foreign leader. The question is, who is the foreign leader and what was the promise?