February 2015

How Could CANADA Elect a Radical Right Wing Corporatist You Say

Well like in America , the mostly right wing corporatist media never did their job and properly vetted this guy or maybe it was deliberate , who knows. Almost no one in Canada was aware our current Prime Minister was one of the founding members of an extremist right wing think tank , called the Northern Foundation.

By the time we fully achieve an “appropriate” response to our dying planet, it will be too late but the effort will help us reconcile to that fact.

“An economy predicated on the perpetual expansion of debt-driven materialistic consumption is unsustainable ecologically, problematic socially and unstable economically. Changing this requires the development of a new marco-economics for sustainability: an economic engine that doesn’t rely for its stability on relentless consumption growth and expanding material throughput. Building that new framework is an urgent priority.”

The above excerpt is from “Prosperity without Growth: Economics for a Finite Planet” by Tim Jackson

Hourly Raises Coming to a Multinational Near You. NOPE!

MacDonald employee in Australia gets $17 bucks an hour, in Denmark its $20 bucks an hour , here in Canada , it's somewhere south of $9 bucks and if you don't like it , conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper has hoards of third world indentured off shore workers standing right behind you hungry to take your job.

We're All Getting SHAFTA'D

And for the Canadian worker its about to get much worse if conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper has his way.

Thom please stop saying pot overdose is relatively ok

I am not a doctor nor a medical expert but I have tons of experience with pot/hash/thc-products plus I have been a grower for almost quarter century. Ingesting thc (thc laced products such as candies or cookies, straight hash, marijuana that has been altered through heat and i suspect plain unaltered marijuana itself), can lead to overdose conditions when enough is consumed.

Enbridge Pipeline 61 will suffer from “hydraulic jump” and it spill.

enuf said.

Serious Health Threat caused by Obama: One in four Americans lives within a mile of an oil or gas well.

This from the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Studies show that the closer you live to a fracking site, the more likely you are to experience painful skin rashes, nose bleeds, breathing trouble, and chronic headaches.1

BOOKS: Unequal$$$ societies suffer from greater health and social problems.

Excerpt from This from This from “Prosperity without Growth: Economics for a Finite Planet” by Tim Jackson

Walker\WI GOP: Univ of WI’s 26 campuses hemorrhaging top faculty together with their millions$$$ in grant awards.

Faculty and Staff at UW’s 26 campuses throughout the State brought in more than $500 million in federal research awards in 2012-13. Again, given the nature and purpose of these grants this is money that was spent literally throughout every square inch of the State – including Republican voting districts.

Special thanks to the Isthmus weekly newspaper in Madison, WI

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America Needs To Move Seniors Out of Poverty and to Stop Choosing Between Food & Medicine

Thom plus logo For decades, progressives have been talking about eliminating the cap on the Social Security tax and raising Social Security benefits enough that retired and disabled people can actually survive.