May 2015

A Pro Gun Guest Should Face A Gun Crime Victim Guest

I have been listening to Thom about 4 days a week on Sirius since 2010. I get that a big part of it is the host dissecting the other side, which he does brilliantly, but it hit me the other day what should be done more.


The NFL thoroughly punished Michael Sam for honestly telling the world who he really is and not living a lie. Yes if Michael Sam had only kept quiet , been a hypocrite, continued the illusion that 'real men' only play football. Now broken , needing an income ,Michael Sam is relegated the Canadian Football League , that pays poorly and is the grave yard of US footballer 'wannabes' 'has-beens 'and now obviously openly gay males.

Mark Pocan plans MAJOR act of Civil Disobedience to block TPP in Congress and save our Democracy!

yea, right..., when hogs fly.

The TPP shows a lack of vision.

A vision of a world where the wealth government can create is shared. Where different industries, special interests, and People are wealthy.


Corruption creates Puppets.

Who is in charge

Whose idea was it to keep the Tpp secret, the corporations or Legislators.

Freedom of Information

The TPP may possibly be accessible by the Freedom of Information Law.

A FRAUD, A LIAR and A WIFE BEATER accused Bill O'Reilly has all bases covered

In CULT world of right wing conservatism , even a fraud a liar and a wife beater get a pass as long as they give the illusion of good right wing Christian ' family values'. Seems nothing no matter how horrid phases the right wing 'cult members' as long as the offenders are on the right side. Hell even George W Bush and Dick Cheney , viewed by most of the world as horrendous war criminals with a million Iraqi deaths under their belts, get a pass from the conservative crowd, they are even 'HEROS to their cult members.

TPP: Democrats' Fast track bill being rushed through despite millions of Jobs being at stake.

Anti-environment, Anti-Labor, Anti-Middle Class, Pro-Censorship, etc. …the TPP reduces America and the American way of life to an afterthought of the greed to further concentrate wealth - AND THE ASSUALT IS BEING LEAD BY A DEMOCRAT

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Trump's Lies Are Killing Us

Thom plus logo Donald Trump keeps insisting in his rallies, as he did last night, that he has lowered prescription drug prices, is protecting people with pre-existing conditions, and is improving Medicare. While everybody knows that he lies a lot, these are among the most pernicious lies.