June 2015

Honoring Yesterday's Political Monsters

The presence of flags of oppression and statues remembering unworthy leaders of the past takes place in a lot of places. You would think that the current governments would clean up this negative memorabilia and take it out of the public space. They are afraid to do so. We all remember the smashing of Sadam Hussein's statute........though some say it was staged by the Americans who showed up on the scene.

Leveraged States of Corprica-

With the imminent passage of TPP I see an end to the noble experiment that America represents , It has been sold out by the very people who have taken an oath to the United States , What we have been left with is the "Leveraged States of Corprica" owned and operated by and for corporate profit , Politicians are merely window dressing, If we have any chance of saving our country it lies with the people, But the people are afraid, Stand up you lose your job then your house etc. All the way to homelessness and jail for being homeless etc.

Nigger, Nigra, Nigga!

My favorite movie genre is gangster films. Last night, I watched one of my favorites: “The Departed”. Early on in the movie, there is a scene where Leonardo DiCaprio is asked, by a fellow cop, “do you want to be a cop, or just act like one? ‘Cause if you just want to have the badge and the gun so you can slam some nigger’s head through a plate glass window, that’s just acting like a cop”. The movie is fairly recent.

“fast track” Definition:

“You little people don’t need to worry your pretty little heads over how us big boys make ourselves money using your money. You should be happy for what little us big boys allow you to have via trickle down\back.”

Oh, and when the big boys make money, our tax dollars aren’t the only cost us little people pay (aka they’ll call us if they start a war or decide to take away our rights when Corporate abuses abroad create terrorist acts here in America).

Second American Revolution

Sorry Thom, the system will not change. The course we are on will destroy this country and it's SOUL.

We have to become the NEW GUARDS. Pledge our Life, our Fortune, and our sacred Honor to destroy the absolute Despotism. (Corporations and their security guards, military and cops.) What does this mean?

Honoring Reagan?!

Hi Thom, long time Big Picture fan, first time blogger. I live in Sacramento, Calif., a few blocks from the Capitol Bldg., and yesterday I found out they're erecting an 8' bronze statue of Ronald Reagan. Yeah, I can go see it right now if I want to. Sure, but only if I can pelt it with eggs and rotten tomatoes!!

I watch RT all the time, and your show is a daily staple of my news gathering agenda. Thanks a lot, and keep up the good work.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

Research at Major Universities concludes mankind will go extinct, and all O’fucker wants is his rich people’s Eco-Killing TPP.

Obama’s energy policy is the ultimate in class warfare. The rich profit and the 99% suffer.

Dylann Roof's Mental Acuity

Perhaps the most revealing sign of Dylann Roof's lack of mental acuity, is that one would think that any young man that is anticipating performing an act that would likely land him a lengthy stay in prison, would think twice before posting on the internet, Come-Hither-Pin-Up photos of himself, for "Bubba Magazine".

Southerners...Don't kill blacks...kill billionaires

Who IS the real enemy of the people? Blacks? Hispanics? Liberals? Abortionist? Gays?


Look over your shoulder and see who really is f****** you in the ass. Got a raise recently? Do you have 6 week vacation like my brother-in-law in Austria? ( who is worth $1M, working as a construction superintendent).

Footprints From NOAH'S ARK Found Off North American Coast ?

Impressions left by the feet of two adults and a child in the soft clay of Calvert Island on the central coast of British Columbia Canada , appear to be 13,200 years old, which would make them older than any others ever found on the North American continent.

I was wondering if the footprint could be from NOAH's ARK. BUT the carbon dating of the scientists that found it, MUST be a little off , because we all know , according to the BIBLE , that Earth is only 6 to 8000 years old .

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