August 2015


We all voted for Obama.

Extreme socio-economic inequality is breeding violence in America.

Take a look at how societies and civilizations have collapsed in the past. The 99% are under stress and the stress is being experienced through increased violence like mass shootings and killer cops. Next comes an exogenous disruption that compounds the stress and things get worse. This will expose the failings of the ruling class to meet the Peoples needs. People will step up their protests that increasingly will take on the character of insurrections. More stress will come with the ruling class attempts to maintain a status quo that was the problem in th

T/F: Washington will give the Kochs’ what the Kochs’ want, and if need be President Walker will be determined by the Supreme Court.

Never forget this is America we’re talking about.

The logical progression in the country’s decay is to move from Obama to even worse President for the People Scott Walker.

Washington wants the view from the bottom up to look like a democracy, but the view from the Top down is pure 100% oligarchy. The 2016 republican debate we just witnessed could have been all theatre. Think about it – this is America after Bush 4, really, what else do you expect?

in the last year of the Obama administration the extremist Malcom X blacks are coming out

They want black Obama to give them something free before he leaves office. That's what is really going on. Blacks are putting people's lives in danger to revolt against nothing. To make a scene of nothing so Obama will step in and do something special for violent black people. That's not why I voted for Obama. As a white person I believed Obama was a change EVER American could believe in, not just black X people.

We are really talking about peaceful equality with MLK vs any means necessary including violence Malcolm X

Malcolm X is winning. I voted for MLK blacks in 2008. I and other progressive whites will not tolerate Malcom X violent blacks


The Country of Iraq should probably be divided according to their tribes and religion after we put our own country and government together with a Government that represents the majority of the US Voters.

The Iran Deal

Why has no one asked those in Congress that oppose the Iran Deal if they - not their staff - have actually read the entire 100 page deal?

It seems to me that those individuals who actually read the papers approve the deal and those that have not - do not - and spew the talking points of Netanyahu and FOX.

I think the bottom line on this deal has nothing to do with IRAN but has to do with the GOP doing everything to deny President Obama a victory and and additional legacy for history

Celebrification of Trafficking: Understanding Hollywood vs Amnesty International on Sex Worker Rights

I am posting this video today as I try to call in on Anything Goes Friday (in Anything Goes Summer). I had posted an extentive discussion of this issue earlier this week on my member blog, but hadn't added this video I made of a presentation at a conference listed below.

To restate the previous blog:

#DebateWithBernie: "Bernie Sanders won the GOP debate — on Twitter"

"Bernie Sanders won the GOP debate — on Twitter," writes @NikDeCostaKlipa at

Should Bill and Hillary Clinton be required to do hard time for helping the Russians gain control over all US uranium deposits?

Something of this nature would have never been tolerated by a member of the 99%'s class.

Democrats Should Steal Trump's Thunder on Trade

It's time to run bigger, better and harder on trade policies.