August 2015

Ronald Reagan Named In MASS MURDER

If you haven't heard the Thursday August 27th broadcast of ' Democracy Now ' you need too. In the broadcast the right wing government Ronald Reagan along with the CIA, are implicated in the mass murder of over 250,000 Guatemalan Mayan natives. In the broadcast ,the Reagan government is continually named as knowingly aiding and abetting the slaughter of over a quarter of a million people, Reagan is named by the ex President of Guatemala himself, the ex President convicted by the Gautemalan people of mass murder and sentenced to 80 years in jail.

PETITION: Boycott Nestle for stealing American citizens’ supply of fresh water.

This from the SumofUs:

Deadly wildfires have been blazing through the entire Northwest United States for weeks. Over 1.1 million acres are burning, dozens of homes have been destroyed, the National Guard has been deployed, and firefighting resources are stretched thin.

And yet, amidst all this destruction, Nestlé is still angling to bottle Oregon's fresh water and sell it for profit. Unbelievable.


It is my understanding , that both Thom and his wife have both been treated for cancer in the past.

Is Thom okay? Blog hasn't been updated and all the shows have been rebroadcasts for a week now.

Is Thom okay? Blog hasn't been updated and all the shows have been rebroadcasts for a week now.

There's no sign of Thom anywhere, the website is like an empty, abandoned house - with, maybe , ghosts walking around it.

Anybody know what's up?

Technology is Only as Good as how People Use it.

Love is Progressive Part 48: Technology Is Only as Good as how People Use it.

Right is Wrong

IRAQ previous to the Presidency of right wing Conservative of George W Bush, was one of the most stable and modern SECULAR countries in the middle east.

The Largest Solar Power Facility is set to be constructed in Madhya Pradesh

The largest solar power station in the world, with a capacity of 750 MW is to be constructed in Rewa district’s Gudh area, Madhya Pradesh’s Energy Minister Rajendra Shukla stated two days ago.

German getting close to producing 100% of its electricity from renewables

On Sunday monday, approximately 80 percent of German electricity demand was derived from renewable energy (PV and wind energy). The availability of enormous sunlight and wind made it happen.

PowerCor and CitiPower networks to supply solar direct to customers in in Victoria, taking on retailers

As part of the ambitious plan into new technology, Victoria’s electricty systems are penetrating hugely into the commercial solar market, which might bring on the same level with electrcity retailers.

Democrats Should Steal Trump's Thunder on Trade

It's time to run bigger, better and harder on trade policies.