October 2015

Hillary’s neglect caused Benghazi? Why not ask her about the 11 people she murdered on the Deepwater Horizon.

Hillary knew about the written communications warning that the Deepwater Horizon was a time bomb but did NOTHING to stop it.


A Hamilton, Ont. university student didn't back off when a middle-aged man approached him on a packed bus to shake his hand — and he didn't pull away when the stranger held on, either.

Instead, Godfrey Coutto sat with the man, whose name is Robert, for his entire Tuesday ride home on the 10 B-Line Express bus.

At various points, Robert wrapped an arm around Coutto, 21, and even kissed his hands until the McMaster University student left the bus at its final stop. Robert then wandered away to hug someone else, but they ignored him, Coutto recalled.

WI Robin Vos: Republicans erupt into laughter at Dems last ditch attempts to stop bill that effectively abolishes investigation of polling and election crimes.

Dear Washington: Let me be fucking blunt. don’t go risking the lives of American men and women in the armed services overseas in an act you tell us is designed to export democracy if you’re not going to defend Democracy here in America.

Scott Walker maybe David Koch’s butt-plug, but the man whose hand is working Walker’s anal vibrator is clearly Robin Vos. You may recall Marco Rubio (aka “Candidate Bling”) was recently in Wisconsin to help Vos raise funds. Vos is an ALEC bitch extraordinaire.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015 Beverly Hills, CA

Attention: Thom Hartmann & America,

Although I support Bernie Sanders for president, I also want the frontrunner, Hillary Clinton, to look good and do her best as she faces the Senate Benghazi / Email Hearing tomorrow in DC.

Nearly Every American Family Has Union Or Government Employment Roots

Everyone agrees the middle-class peaked around 1970. It just so happens that of the 60 million households in 1968, approximately 30 million workers collected paychecks from the government or unions. Add to this this those working on government contracts and state and local government jobs, and the vast majority of all employees were unionized or on the government payroll.

And life was good.

Today, there are about 123 million households totalling less than 20 million union and government employees (less than 15 percent).

And life is hard.

Canadian Men WERE WARNED, That a VOTE for JUSTIN might be a VOTE for their WIVES wanting to have SEX with The PRIME MINISTER

Australian news source described our new 43 year old Prime Minister as "SUPER HOT". UK's Daily Mail headline "No Other Leader In The World is as SEXY". I had before the election , said Justin's stunningly good looks and physique should have qualified Trudeau for a try out as the new 007 , not Canada's new Prime Minister.

WI Corrupt Politician Protection Act: Baldwin and Pocan working tirelessly to save their State from wonton corruption fueled by the Kochs.

Yea right, that’d be the day.

It’s like the joke where the Dr. in the restaurant tells the waiter who needs assistance for a dying patron “that’s not my table.” But in this case Baldwin and Pocan say "we only handle the State’s national issues and don’t get involved at the State level. And besides if we take action against the Koch's it would cost us our careers."

WI: Paul Ryan and Diane Hendricks...

enuf said.

Obama is at it again: Exporting for “Energy Independence” is like “fucking for virginity”

It’s counter productive to send away a commodity that you claim you want to ensure that you’ll always have an endless supply of. It doesn't make any sense.

Face it, Obama’s call for “energy independence” was a call for dismantling environmental safeguards so Big Oil and Gas could keep making money at the expense of the People.

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Trump - Dumb Luck or A Master Manipulator?

Thom plus logo Either it's an act of a master manipulator, or he has the best luck there is. Donald Trump wanted the Fed to lower interest rates, knowing that that would provide a solid and multi-year boost to the economy. But when Trump came into office, rates were already low and the Fed was not inclined to help.