October 2015


Well It's election day (great song by Arcadia). Today is the day America wanted so desperately, the son of their 35 President John F Kennedy to become President of the United States. But it was never to be, as the handsome John Jr was to die much to young in a plane crash.


Columbus Ohio you were named in honor of Christopher Columbus and knowing what we know today , that is shameful.

First of all Columbus did not 'discover' what would later be called the Americas, there was already a flourishing civilization of ' Native Americans '.

Columbus as we were to later learn was a genocidal maniac, a pedophile who sold and gave away children as slaves and sex toys.

Blackism: The Slave Breeding Industry, Human Bank Accounts

American “His-Story” is replete with white fantastic fictions (lies). And though the fictions are innumerable, they are augmented and often enhanced by omissions which are introduced at the very earliest stages of a child’s education. The most prominent vehicle for the “white fantastic fictions” and omissions are American textbooks. One of the great omissions is the industry of slave breeding; particularly as it pertained to banking. You see, the “matter” of the United States is, indeed, Africa.

The BUSH family and HITLER

The money Prescott made from NAZI business dealings helped to establish the Bush family fortune and set up its political dynasty.

BUSH company's assets were seized in 1942 by the US Government ,under the Trading with the Enemy Act.

The Guardian has obtained confirmation from newly discovered files in the US National Archives that a firm of which Prescott Bush as a director was involved with the financial architects of Nazism, that resulted in a war that killed 50 million people.

Is 'MORNING JOE ' Scarborough a MURDERER

Is Joe Scarborough a murderer? We cannot reach a conclusive answer at this point. But the evidence strongly suggests that Joe Scarborough's aid, Lori Klausutis' Joe death was the result of foul play, not an accident.

The REAL Reason for War With Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran

I cannot believe it took me this many years to finally get to the truth. I'm even MORE shocked that our national news media is in such a state that they, themselves, have not reported the truth. This TRUTH is intimately connected to climate change--it's the reason our leaders will block any effort to reduce the production of oil. Please watch the following videos to understand what's really going on in Washington and Wall Street.

Washington Failing 99% in consequences of Climate Collapse: “A Flood of Failures”

This from the Taxpayers for a thing called "Common Sense:

Volume XX No.42: October 16, 2015

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The Washington Post Reveals Cracks in Healthcare

Thom plus logo The sales pitch by so-called "moderate Democrats" and Republicans who take money from the insurance companies is that people "don't want to get kicked off their existing employer-provided health insurance plans." But workers don't make the choice of plans, their employers do.