November 2015

America’s Modern Third Reich

There is a Modern 3rd Reich simmering in the US. You’re probably familiar with it by now. It’s has been slowing moving from a maximum it achieved in economic exclusion to ever further examples of indifference, especially toward current and future suffering.

Balding shrill harpy Juliane appling can’t get it in her head that kids now a’days don’t view variations on sexual roles the same way she does.

Let the Transgender toilet ruckus serve as a warning: The Christian right, if allowed, will dictate morality to the rest of society at large and persecute those that do not follow their decree – regardless of their own personal beliefs. Trample. Trample. Trample.

Appling legacy will be nothing more than spreadig hatred and intolerance.

Election fraud

I found this today. You may find it interesting. 

* Thom, Please Forgive Bernie - He Can't Make It Without You *

* Thom, Please Forgive Bernie - He Can't Make It Without You *
I've been listening and boosting you for 10 years.
Lately, there's something different that's disturbing.
Bernie Sanders would not be where he is today - without you.
You introduced Bernie to most of us, and what he stood for.
It's too bad he doesn't seem to realize the role you've played.
It's too bad he hasn't asked your advice, or kept you closer.
Bernie is now carrying the banner for all the truths


The number foreign fighters who have joined the Islamic State ISIS/ISIL/Dash has reached historic levels exceeding 30,000 from over a hundred countries. These are mostly young men and some women that are prepared to forfeit their lives in the perceived Islamic war against the West. What motivates the recruitment of these young people. Analysts and politicians break their heads and wring their hands in frustration at the apparent popularity of ISIS with young people.

Shut Up Walker! Syrian refugees aren't going to flood into Wisconsin to take advantage of our "economy"

For Christ sake if any do show up I'll personally help them move to Minnesota or Illinois so they at last have a chance (seriously thought, that's a joke, right?! mean, I wish everybody the best, but I can't actually make good on,say, shuttling, ya'alls families and stuff to neighborhing states)

Pfizer: Corporate Tax Avoidance creates a Free-Rider Problem.

Taxes are the cost of doing business in places where societies have been developed into viable markets and the process of developing these societies into viable markets requires spending real, actual, cash money.

AFL-CIO: Democrats' TPP is disasterous for America's workers.

It's official. The Democratic Party's reputation as the part of the working People is over and done with.

This from the AFL-CIO:

The details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, were recently released to the public, and we’ve got some serious issues with it. In short, it leaves U.S. workers in the lurch.

Former Toronto Teacher GUNNED DOWN in WEST BANK

Will the violence ever end. Rabbi Yaakov Don, 51, a former Toronto Canada teacher was one of three people killed in the shooting in the Etzion settlement block south of Jerusalem, on a day that also saw two people killed in a renewed spate of violence on the West Bank.

All acts of violence must be condemned , especially killings, but it must be remembered those killed were illegally occupying Palestinian land, by most international standards this action could be considered an act of self defense .

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Time To Expel Rep Steve King From the House?

Thom plus logo Congressman Steve King, in a new Internet meme, says that red state America has 8 trillion bullets and blue state America is still debating who can use which bathroom.