January 2016

Original song about Citizens United & Bernie Sanders (w/cartoons)

This is a folk song about Citizens United and Bernie, illustrated with political cartoons. The cartoons are licensed for social media.

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Renewable Energy Pays If We Count More than Cash

Solar energy could power all energy needs on earth x 11,000 (ETOM, 2013)....Wind energy could power all energy needs on earth numerous times. Water and waves could also power all energy needs on earth. Geothermal, harvesting waste heat, energy efficiency and conservation as a plentiful fuel equivalent, biofuels, gravity, imagination. So why are we still addicted to a cash-driven dirty dead energy of dead dinosaurs?

Message to the Black Man (Part I): The Great Debaters

On October 26, 2015, I wrote an op-ed entitled “Message to the White Man: Why I Just Can’t Get Over Slavery”. The piece received a lot of attention and elicited considerable controversy. http://www.thomhartmann.com/users/r-kenyatta/blog/2015/10/message-white-man-why-i-just-can%E2%80%99t-%E2%80%9Cget-over%E2%80%9D-slavery

BBC: Taliban has NEVER been in control of more territory in Afghanistan than they are now.

But special interests and contractors are making money so the loss of life is worthwhile according Washington.

NJ Bankruptcy: Christie reneging on required cash outlay to Pension Fund of $17 Billion dollars.

New Jersey is about 8 to 12 years from complete,utter financial melt- down, bankruptcy, uber-kaput, not a dime status. BALLS! JUST THINK OF THE UNELECTED EMERGENCY MANAGERS TO BE APPOINTED!

Dismantling democarcy in the US one state at a time by intentionally bringing financial ruin on to the 99%. Thank god Obama is in the White House ! (sarcasm)

Ronald Reagan would have voted for Bernie Sanders

Ronald Reagan would have voted for Bernie Sanders.

Here he is, in his own words, supporting nearly every one of Bernie's positions.

New book;Cancer in American Democracy

Check out my new book "Cancer in American Democracy. The website is curingdemocracy.com

Very topical in today's presidential politics. The cancer is money in politcs and its' corrosive effect on evry aspects of our lives. It not only shows problems but also solutions.

Frederick Parker

Who cares if the "Party" survives? Bernie WILL win.

I am not thinking about casting my vote i the interests of keeping this pathetic, wounded, deluded Democratic Party alive. I am voting for Bernie Sanders - and I will NEVER vote for Mrs Clinton, because she overtly promotes the right of her favored aristocracy to live free of many laws that bind other Americans, and to live rich private lives off of the labors of average People.

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Democratic Debates: Is It Time to Get the Corporate TV Stars off the Stage?

Thom plus logo The democratic debate, operating entirely within the context of corporate TV stars' questions and largely Republican frames, shows once again why a for-profit "news" operation shouldn't be running a presidential debate.