January 2016

1% spending $1 million each on picture of a Potato and spray painted balloon-twisty dog.

And didn’t the Bat Mobile go for $4 million?

Nothing morally wrong here, keep moving, move-on,…

Christie has been refusing to make the mandatory pension fund contributions earned by New Jersey State workers.

But then the US Postal Service is being forced into bankruptcy because it can’t make its mandatory contributions?!? What’s that about?

Trump Thought Bubbles- On Wounded Warriors

Trump: "McCain was a loser, not a hero, for getting shot down in the first place, and all of these guys that got shot or shocked are losers too. I like the ones who come home with no problems and don't cost us any rehab money. If they were smart, they wouldn't have go over there in the first place"

Things Bernie should say

When Bernie is asked to defend Socialism he should go on the offensive. He should state that he is part of a long tradition of American Socialism that seeks to very effectively promote the general welfare.

Tomatoes Thrown At Trump After He Calls Bernie a Communist

U.S. Uncut, January 27, 2016

Donald Trump faced a tough crowd last night in Iowa City, leaving the stage early after constant boos, whistles and even tomatoes thrown by protesters.

The tomatoes were thrown after the billionaire Republican front-runner called Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders a communist, acording to Daily Iowan reporter Brent Griffiths.

Assad poisons children and the planet freaks out, Snyder and Walker do it and our elite$ lend them more credibility!?

Worse still the perp’s here in the instances of poisoning children in the US are from the “religious” crowd that is vehemently opposed to abortion!?

And our President, together with the Federal Government, can’t be counted on for justice because the wealthy are backing the perps via a system that is hopelessly rigged! So, in reality all Snyder has to do is say “I’m really, really sorry” and Walker does nothing!?

That is fucked up. In fact, I think it is referred to as “human rights violations.”

Obama campaigned like Sanders but governed the way Clinton is campaigning

Am I the only progressive that actually likes Obama and is proud he is our President but still feel like he dissappointed me and didn't live up to his promise?

I heard Thom talking about the same thing when he reported on his appearance on "The Last Word"...

Derivatives Bubble

Tom - Thank you for all you do. I've learned so much about how government and banks work from you. Tom, can you or someone here on the site address how best to manage and protect ourselves when the Derivatives Bubble pops. I understand the economic global collapse believers and would like a less scaredy cat view.

Bernie Sanders, next President of the United States

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Can the Presidency Regain Its Integrity After Trump?

Thom plus logo Even those of us old enough to remember have probably forgotten that in the spring of 1979 the Attorney General of the United States appointed a special prosecutor to look into his own president's ownership of his peanut warehouse, to make sure that he wasn't, in any way, making money from his presidency.