March 2016

The Michigan Mississippi primary night

I have not seen the figures but when I look at the numbers for Mississippi for Bernie Sanders and I look at the numbers for Bernie Sanders in Michigan. It is all about free trade! And African-Americans who drew their livelihoods from the auto manufacturing industry realized that and supported the candidate that came out against the trade policies that decimated their family incomes through outsourcing of jobs. And possibly have left behind a Berkeley pit yet to be uncovered and treated. Superfund site!

Great show Thom on moved and understand your motivations.

Because I can't sit on the phone for an hour and half everyday. Here's my comment on Flint

Thom it is my belief that there is just cause two survey the river in question. Annie River that is so acidic that it will remove lime deposits and other built up deposits from lead pipes. And then it is so acidic that it causes led to leach into the water.

Why on God's green earth is as somebody looking at that River as a potential Superfund site.? Just overlook the source of the problem?

Hillary in the debates or her campaign in general

Dear Thom

As Hillary Clinton moves farther to the left towards Bernie's positions it was obvious that in her speech of acceptance of the Mississippi turnout that she was inundated with Bernie's policies. But what else was obvious was that she did not believe in what she was saying. If you look at her eyes you could see that she was surveying the audience for a reaction. So she's getting desperate with her attacks. Us Bernie supporters have to work harder

Bernie Invades NC

Not sure exactly when they started, but Senator Bernie Sanders is airing two incredibly good radio ads in NC. Does anyone know how to get Bernie to post these ads on his website?

The Anointed One - Life Imitating Art

Drumph is a greedy,  xenophobic, sociopathic liar, has no real political or moral compass, and worships money. He's a veritable Mother Teresa compared to Cruz.

He's the Anointed King! To bring about the end times, that makes him Vinz Clortho the Keymaster, (he's pretty in a creepy way, but no one replaces Sigourney Weaver as Zuul), He does resemble Rick Moranis charicter a little more). Wow! To bring about world destuction on a biblical proportion! Who in a sane rational world could beleive Ghostbusters could be a model for life imitating art!

Are Hillary’s Superdelegates$$$ guilty of aiding and abetting her and/or her Foundations’ criminal behavior?

Clearly the Democratic estabilshment is guilty of perpetuating her heavily moneyed and extremely dicey shenanigans.



They say Bernie is just a dreamer, how's he going to raise the money to pay for all the things he's promising?

OK, here's my plan to get Bernie the money he needs:

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When George W Bush took office in 2001 ,Americas debt was just under 5 trillion dollars and falling. By the time Bush and his neo cons were booted out of office, he and his right wing buddies had run up Americas debt to 11.5 trillion dollars and climbing and that didn't include 3 trillion in war debt, that George W and his republican pals deliberately kept off the 'books'..

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Why Do The Wealthy Want to Throw Children Off Food Stamps & Medicaid?

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