March 2016


On the heels of the Republican congressional victories in 2014 a republican congressman from Pennsylvania stated on C-Spann’s morning show that the Republican Party was not going to be “sidetracked” by the abortion issue. A caller to this program reminded him that if it weren’t for the right to life movement few Republicans would get elected. Even the so-called “Tea Party” has been either blackmailed or bought off.

Ted Cruz Manchurian Candidate

Please Read the article written by the Constitution Society on Presidential Eligibility. This is a society of constitutional lawyers that write peer reviewed articles regarding the US Constitution. ( google Constitution Society Presidential Eligibility). This article clearly explains that Ted Cruz is NOT a "natural born" Citizen and therefore NOT eligible to become President of the United States.

Photos for auction to help Bernie

Hello everyone. I am Jelieta Walinski Professional Photographer. I don't have much income but my heart wants to help Bernie. I have thousands of photos in this website ( You can choose the photo you want to buy and just let me know the Title and the size and email me at and i can tell you the price and proceeds will be donated to Bernie Sanders campiagn.

Sincerely yours, Jelieta Walinski


Hi Thom

We have believed in Bernie from day one. (I passed out flyers at our County Fair in AUGUST.) Wish that you could get on board. It is so obvious that you do not believe in him. There is a difference between "like" and "believe in". Stephanie can prefer HRC, if she wants. But for Bernie - "TAG, YOU'RE IT" !!

President Donald TRUMP

I'm sure the first order of business for the newly elected billionaire Donald TRUMP will be to raise taxes to the pre Reagan rates of 70%, RIGHT. The second order of business will be to go after all those other billionaires hiding their money on off shore tax havens, RIGHT. Donald TRUMP ding himself for a few hundred million dollars in taxes per year, maybe destroy his off shore tax havens, RIGHT.

SSI CAP -- is actually a tax break for the rich or Tax Exemption!

I am all for a lower rate for povery pay levels for all -- with no cap at the top. Or even a lower rate above $250,000, but no TAX EXEMPTION!

We need to call it a TAX EXEMPTION or TAX BREAK for the rich.

If a millionaire loses everything, they will still have their Social Security!

This is about supporting and respecting the elderly that do a great deal of the volunteer work in our nation too!

Thom -- Morning Joe this morning, on 3-9-16, went much, much further in his take-down of free-trade!

Thom -- In the first 10 minutes of the Morning Joe show today, Joe pointed out the huge negative impact of free-trade, with the hollowing out of the economy.

He said something like, "On the whole, maybe free-trade is a positive thing, but Trump supporters are aware of how devastating free-trade has been in their communities." He also talked about jobs lost because of free-trade.

Go Bernie! Thom - Marvelous show yesterday! (I love my Thomharmann podcast!)


Popular vote vs. delegates

i read that though Bernie won Michigan, he did not get the majority of delegates. I suspect this is because of the super delegates. Additionally, it is my understanding that the RNC requires their super delegates to reflect the popular vote but the DNC does not. Is it a concern that with Debbie W. Schultz at the helm, Bernie will not get the super delegates even if he gets the popular vote?

numbers please!

Thom, thanks for your info. But please bring the public the raw data. Be the exception and shine the light amidst the dirty tricks of the mainstream media. Not even Bernie's website publishes data! And he needs it! Frankly, the US needs him to be president, as does the rest of the world, because things are getting out of hand! cOuld you add the real, authentic, honest number of votes of the election, not just wordy descriptions and interpretations? Thanks!

She lied

A couple of days ago I read the young HIllary Clinton's Wellesley commencement address in which she lumps heself in with people of her generation disaffected with the establishment. Where did that Hillary Clinton go? I am holding on to the hope that if she does get the Democratic nomination, some small part of that Hillary, stored somewhere deep inside her cell memory, will show itself again.

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The Washington Post Reveals Cracks in Healthcare

Thom plus logo The sales pitch by so-called "moderate Democrats" and Republicans who take money from the insurance companies is that people "don't want to get kicked off their existing employer-provided health insurance plans." But workers don't make the choice of plans, their employers do.