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March 2016

Sleazy syphilis-addled Bill Clinton violated Massachusetts election law and now 100,000 People are demanding his ARREST.

Barac O'bama should also be arrested for his work on the TPP.

When the clinton’s smell money, and they are insatiable.


Wounded Warriors and "such"

I continue to observe, (I would say "see" but that is a major reason why I am caused to compose this;), commercials on the nightly "corporate news" wanting the general public to help our wounded and blind that have returned from Iraq. I suggest they and their companion service dogs and children, wives, (if still married since divorce is a grave conern of seperation) camp out on George Bush and Dick Chaney and the other "DONALD" (Rumselfeld's) property!


Saturday, March 5, 2016


Attention: BERNIE SANDERS, Thom Hartmann, and America!

Today, according to BuzzFeed, “The Donna, Adolf KKK TRUMP”, asked his entire large rally audience to raise their right hand and vocally repeat after him, “I pledge to vote... for Donald J. Trump”, which they all did!

Remember Inflation?

I'm 65 years old, and definitely remember inflation being a big issue in the 1980 election. voodoo reaganomics has not only flattened middle class salaries, but also turned brand names into scams. Corporate America sells us "Things that look like other things". The likelihood of buying something real is nearly nil. I first noticed tools and lawn mowers that were clearly junk compared to what I bought in the sixties and seventies, then brand name foods etc.. With the exception of automobiles, most of what we buy is garbage compared to what we had.

Break the US into two countries

As a liberal, I see the nation becoming a plutocracy, so in an attempt to save some of us, we should consider breaking the country into two. The present Republican Party is hell-bent on turning over all power to the rich, and if we don’t divide the country SOON, we will all end up living in a fascist state. This isn’t hyperbole, this is already at hand. Wisconsin has elected a fascist Governor twice.

Hillary's job plan is a disaster

Back in the presidential campaign in 2004, the phenomenon of factories closing and being outsourced was a hot topic. George Bush was vulnerable, particularly in industrial states like Ohio, and John Kerry had an excellent opportunity to take advantage by proposing a concrete way to prevent factory closings. But he blew it.

AMERICAN PSYCHO'S and the IMPORTANCE of Reasoned Person in the WHITE HOUSE

The man pushing for a nuclear attack on CUBA and also the old USSR was the psychopath and mass murderer General Curtis Lemay. An 88-minute recording, captures the reaction of top U.S. government officials, including ultra-conservative Air Force General Curtis LeMay, to the news that JFK had been shot dead in DALLAS.

Trump would have folded to the military in 1962 and the world would have ended.

Thom talks from time to time about President Kennedy's refusal to send American troops into Cuba as part of the Bay of Pigs invasion. By doing so, Kennedy was going against the advice of ALL of his Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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