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March 2016

Republican Party Recoils In Shock After Seeing Its Reflection In The Mirror

When FreedomWorks and Americans For Prosperity launched their subversive campaigns against President Obama and Democratic values in general back in 2008-9, it didn't take a rocket scientist to see that the trajectory of their cause would land exactly here, where it is now. It's no great shock.

People like Trump because the GOP doesn’t like him and GOP attacks on Trump cause People to rally in support of Trump.

Trump supporters hate the republican establishment. GOP attacks on Trump validate the reason Trumps supporters like him. For example, Mitt Romney, the consummate Wall Street sleaze bag, openly condemns Trump. For Christ sake, that’s a positive endorsement in People’s eyes! Not even Bernie can pull that off! And People want somebody Wall St hates to be in the White House for a change. (well, the People that don’t like Hillary anyway)


As it turns out, Donald Trump is not actually a tremendously honest guy. Surprising, I know. In fact the evidence proves Donald Trump is a serial LIAR.

Trump’s claim that he’s independent and self-funded, which supposedly means that he has no reason not to tell the truth. Again a LIE. While Trump hasn’t actually taken any corporate money, he has actually loaned his own campaign money, which he can pay back with… you guessed it, campaign funds, including $7.5 million in individual donations he has received so far.

everyone retires at 60 with full benefits. how? i'll tell yea

eliminate the ' screw the worker 401 k' and make employers match the social security tax on our pay checks. they detroyed pensions and unions in this country,but they can still help their workers retire with dignity after 40 years of service and making them rich. raising the cap to a million instead of 100 thou would really give the program a boost ( good for a hundred years or so) any one with any other ideas .

Rigged: Apparently the establishment has determined that we will not be able to choose Trump or Bernie as our next president.

It is very much Us versus Them, and it is becoming apparent that they, the establishment$$$, have determined that we will not be able to choose Trump or Bernie as our next President.

Both the Democratic and Republican parties are actively engaged in making sure neither Trump nor Bernie have a fair chance at being president. As always, the two parties are doing the establishments$$$ bidding at the expense of representing the people.

Will the Republican Party “broker” Trump out of the race at the 11th hour at the convention?

Balls. Trump supporters are NOT people who are too much in love with America’s political system. For the republicans to broker Trump out of the race in favor of Wall St bitch Cruz, or ALEC bitch Rubio might result in some “very ugly voter gatherings.” If the Republican party did do this (which I’m sure if ALEC doesn’t get their way they will), it would play right into the anger over a rigged political system that fills many if not all of Trumps supporters and it would be like throwing match on puddle of gasoline. Good god could you

Presidential Campaign

As an ole time, independent politician from Chicago, I am disappointed in the complete lack of effort and emphasis from our Democratic campaigns (both Hillary and Sanders) in doing any campaign precint work. I have talked to and visited the local Sanders' campaign office & witnessed its total focus to organize and get out the vote was phone banking and attending rallies.


BEWARE under any new Republican administration especially this radicalized right wing , boistered by the extremist war mongering neo cons, there will be an ever increasing chance of nuclear war. An ever increasing chance of the dreaded NUCLEAR WINTER, in which the soot and ashes the after effect global firestorms ignited by nuclear exchanges,that will blacken the skies world wide and plunge temperatures virtually overnight, eventually killing every living thing here on this planet , the planets death further assured by soaring radiation levels.

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