March 2016


BEWARE of the imbeciles pretending to be Democrats that post of this site. REMEMBER the first order of business of any new Republican administration will be to gut OBAMACARE and throw Americas health care back into the dark ages of 'unrestrained for profit' selective care.

BEWARE the second order of business of any new Republican administration will be the destruction and privatization of seniors pensions.

The Technical United States

I often hear people whine about democracy. Technically we are a federal republic. A federation of states with a government of "democratic form". A federal republic operates with a division of "powers". Security-defense-monetary policy etc. , is managed at the federal level. Infrastructure-maintenance-education, is managed at regional levels. A federal republic is a state where sovereignty rests with the "people"--a country with no monarchy.

Chris Christie and Seargent Schultz

I was shocked and saddened by Thom's likening of Chris Christie to Seargent Schultz.

I demand an immediate apology to Seargent Schultz!

Jerry in Seattle

Sleazy DNC Boss Wasserman-Schultz, Predatory Loan Shark Champ, Has To Go Now!

Keep it up Debbie: ;The choir calling for your immediate ouster's getting louder for your arrogance and willingness to stack all decks in favor of Hillary Clinton's presumed nomination. C'mon ... standing up for predatory loan sharks?

Stop thinking like we live in the 18th century!

It seems that most political bloggers and talking heads still accept 18th century ideas for reform: vote in elections, and protest as much as you want while waiting for the next election. However, we now live in the 21st century. We no longer need to accept a definition of accountability that our politicians should only be held “accountable”, after they spend several years making incompetent or harmful decisions for us.

Shame on Thom Hartmann

I've loved listening to Thom ever since his days inVermont. He was SO different from right-wing radio where the "flush" button was inevitable for those who disagreed. Not so with Thom, who even let those who clearly differed with him have a voice. No more. Now he dismisses any criticism of Hillary out of hand. "No circular firing-squad" he says. Or he essentially accuses the caller of being a Republican shill.

corpporate clinton

thom is wrong ,if hillary gets the nomination bernie voters like myself will vote trump becuse ; the same o same o is killing us poor people more and more every year.bernie or chaos

ANOTHER 8 Years of REPUBLICANS running ruining America??

If it wasn't bad enough living through the Reagan years of so called "trickle down" economies. with the premise being if you help the rich become super rich, some of that wealth will trickle down to the peasants. Well it was a lie, you've got to be a total moron not to realize that. What has resulted is the worse wealth disparity of any modern western country, where less than one percent of the people own more money than 300 million Americans. Perhaps Americans want more of the same.


Stupid Democrats continue to do the devils works , by poisoning public information on Democrats.

"The (right wing) American fascist would prefer not to use violence. His method is to poison the channels of public information. With a fascist the problem is never how best to present the truth to the public but how best to use the news to deceive the public into giving the fascist and his group more money or more power." Henry WALLACE Vice President of the United States under FDR.

My letter to Mitch Mcconnell on SCOTUS Appointment

Senator McConnell

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Can Humanity Be Saved?

Thom plus logo As the Amazon is on fire and the Democratic Party refuses to hold a debate focused on climate change, an Australian think tank has come out with a report suggesting the possibility that climate change could destroy human civilization within as little as 30 years.