March 2016

Get Healthcare out of My Business!

I am a small business owner in Seattle, WA and want my employees to have healthcare.

They Don’t Like Bernie’s Tone? Really?

Maybe THEY are tone deaf, or are they faking a foul. What’s with the victim-talk BS. Most of us who support Bernie don’t like the tone of the Republican candidates or the Republican party or the Supreme Court or the Speaker of the House or Majority Leader of the Senate or the climate science deniers.


Now it was our turn for the Bernie Sanders Socialist Revival Hour. The rally in Vancouver Washington showcased just how much the Sanders campaign and its captivating slogan "A Future to Believe In" remains full of vigour. A pleasant but otherwise nondescript, mid-sized city just across the Columbia River from Oregon, founded by the (British) Hudson's Bay Company, Vancouver is hardly a hotbed of political activism. Yet people began lining up at the crack of dawn for Sanders' early afternoon appearance.

Chelsea Clinton and Trump's Daughter

Is is true that Chelsea and Trump's daughter were chummy in college, maybe even roommates?

Why is the New York State Board of Elections telling new registrants that their date to vote is September 13?

The NYS BOE says they are not obligated under the law to inform newly registered voters about Federal Elections, only state elections.

(The image is of the front and back of a date correction card I received from the NYS BOE after I received my voter’s registration confirmation that said my date to vote in the “primary election” on September 28, 2016. Why all of this misinformation?)

MY 'HARTMANN SHOW' INSPIRED [LONG-FORM] MESSIANIC ("Stop now - you're scaring the children!") RANT/INDICTMENT...

PEOPLE GET READY is apparently the title of a new book by John Nichols? And I imagine, in due course, that that author/speaker will be a guest on Thom's show. Elsewhere on the internet (via The Hartmann Report] a recent article there states, "In the past, rapid increases in greenhouse gases have been associated with mass extinctions." In other words; This time man has in effect [again] taken something good (i.e., Earth's ecosystems) and is literally killing it.

DEATH isn't good enough for this FRACKING SOB

In an earlier post i had mentioned that the so called billionaire 'King of Fracking' Aubrey McClendon had killed himself by running his SUV into a concrete overpass at 80 mph.

As far as i'm concerned death isn't good enough for this manic money grabbing SOB. If there is a hell, i hope the pr*ck burns for an eternity.

For this son of a bitch who offed himself, pissing on his grave wouldn't be good enough.


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Monday, March 28, 2016 Beverly Hills, CA


Attention: Thom Hartmann, Bernie Sanders, and America,

GOP afraid of Bernie

Am thinking GOP and Corporate Money are playing up Clinton over Sanders because they do not want to run in general election against Bernie. I suspect they are holding back on tough attack (very negative stories of Clinton's character and veracity) so that she will win Dem primary and they won't have to face Bernie, who has no known dirt hiding in the closet. They may possibly win the presidential election if they have a large arsenal of dirt to reveal about Clinton prior to the Nov election. Carl Rove and friends will undoubtedly have a lot of ammo.


President Obama just endorsed Debbie Wasserman Schultz. I just donated to the Canova campaign. Go Tim!!!

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Coronavirus: Many Claim We Can't Afford Medicare-for-all, But, It Appears We Are About To Discover How Costly Our For-Profit Healthcare Is

Thom plus logo The coronavirus is now in the United States, and apparently the infection in California goes beyond just one person, because they can't figure out how that one person got it. Which means lots of people need to get tested, particularly if they have symptoms of a severe cold or flu which could indicate that they have the coronavirus.