April 2016


Mr Obama tear down that symbol of a dark chapter of American history. The White House ,the very seat of American government was built by slaves.

Everytime you look at the White House ,you believe you are looking at the symbol of American freedom. The truth is the White House was designed by the elite of American society, the very embodiment of white privilege, who used the forced labor of black slaves in the construction. The irony should never be lost, that the symbol of American freedom was built by men who were not free.

Gerrymandering is cheating...

I have been wanting to show y'all how gerrymandering is cheating, using a baseball analogy that ought to make ANYBODY, Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, agree that it IS cheating.

Distracted by shiny objects

It’s happening again

On a recent newspaper front page, we were assaulted by a story covering a white supremacists rally, along with counter protests, at Stone Mountain,GA. There are stories about who can use which bathroom, which flag will fly, and non-stop coverage of a racist running for the Republican nomination. I see over coverage of the reality tv star, formally known as Bruce Jenner.

Janae Johnson~Button Poetry

I am addicted to a segment on FSTV called "Button Poetry".

Here's why:


Janae Johnson. Strong. Beautiful. Formidable.


Springtime for Donald

Whether those of us who are of an age to remember rotary phones want to acknowledge it or not, we are currently in an era of social media politics. The vast majority of Americans now derive their political inclinations from what they see, and read on the web. A tragic side effect of easy information is that binary thinking, and sociological affirmation via Facebook memes have become the new norm.

Hillary's Laugh about making hard choices

Why doesn't 60 minutes or Fox news or any other major television media air this?i.e., follow this link...

US News and World Report: We have given the Oceans a death sentence to be carried out in “just a decade or so.”

Remember that when you vote for fracking Hillary (but hey! She and Obama got rich off it so what the hell)

Longtime Hillary insider proffers narrative on how Hillary might shirk her obligation to reform Wall St

Ah, yes, the excuses are already taking shape,……this one from a truly deluded,.. no scratch that,… let’s go with “truly WHACK A’DOODLE” Diane Denish former lieutenant governor of New Mexico and longtime Hillary supporter:

Sanders polls better than Clinton against all Republicans

Bernie does make his points ...


"Sanders fares much better than Hillary Clinton in matchups with Trump and other Republican White House hopefuls". Do Democrats risk losing the White House with a weaker electable candidate?

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Part 1 - Is Economic Disaster About to Hit & Are You Prepared?

Thom plus logo Right now the United States and the world are facing four massive trends that, in combination, we haven't faced since the 1920s. We are seeing the rise of a new and brutal form of governance with extraordinary industrial capacity and power in China, much as Nazi Germany rose in Europe.