April 2016

What will make the respective voters angrier? Trump being ousted in a brokered convention, or Hillary$$$ relying on super delegates that are unelected Lobbyists$$$ to win the nomination?

I can’t say whether or not the GOP is rigged or not, but the Democrat’s nominee appointment process sure as hell is!

And how about all that money Hillary et.al. took from Suadi Arabia knowing that they had a hand in 9/11!!

This is what Democracy Looks Like

I do not think people understand how different a Bernie Sanders presidency would look. At his rallies he says that he will need all of us with him. But he has not yet articulated it himself, I don't think, to it's full extent.

Bumper Music

Louise and Thom:

While I always enjoy the show, the "bumper music" has long-since transcended the point of tedium. Stated another way, after hearing those two or three tunes a TRILLI0N times, I can no longer take it. Further, fading up the "music" while Thom is conducting an interview is RUDE to the person being interviewed. There are far better ways to go to a break.

Please replace this (what is in all aspects) ear-worm sonic pollution with some different tunes. Enough is enough. Seriously.

California primary: closed or not closed?

I was registered as an "undecided" voter in california. I saw on the news that the ca. Primary is a closed primary and you have to be registered either democratic or republican to vote in the primary. I called the county elections office and they told me that wasn't true- that you could vote in the primary as an "undecided" voter. I do not believe they gave me the correct information so i changed my status to "democrat" to ensure i have a vote in the primary.

Elements To Think About Before Starting A Small Business

If you begin to look for them, automobile rental companies are usually penny a lots. A quick search on the internet will give you a reasonable variety of them in and around your home or in your vicinity. But all these alternatives can be really confusing. In fact, the option has actually to be made taking few criteria into factor to consider so that you do not wind up paying excessive. There are the huge names like AVIS, Hertz, Dollar, etc. however you might not desire to go there just due to the fact that of the brand name.



JUST HOURS after EWG released our 2016 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™, the Alliance for Food and Farming, a chemical agribusiness front group, launched an all-out media blitz to try to discredit the guide and silence the Environmental Working Group


if you are really concerned about preventing ww3, then you must realize that these delusional right wing neo cons are fixing for a nuclear fight with Russia,that's right after they bomb the hell out of 80 million Iranians, just ask the frothing at the mouth Assistant Secretary of State Bush appointee Victoria Nuland. These rich right wingers who own the Industrial War Complex truly believe they can win a nuclear war with Russia with minimum damage to the US and at a healthy profit to boot. Now if that isn't insanity i don't know what is.

My thoughts on abortion...

I was born in Georgia in 1949 and grew up in central Georgia and south-central Alabama in the 1950s and 1960s. My father was a Southern Baptist preacher and my mother was a very conservative, straight-laced woman of the sort you would expect to marry a conservative Southern Baptist preacher.


In the past week or so you said you would talk about Honduras the next day (or week). You have not so far and I would like more information on this subject.

I watch everyday and love it.

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Trump and His Billionaire Buddies Plot to Destroy Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid

Thom plus logo Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are officially in the crosshairs of the Trump administration, and they intend to go after them this year.