October 2016

I LOVE HUMANITY its people i hate

'I love humanity , its people i hate.'

This election is a PTSD trigger.

A caller on Monday shared that the election was bringing up memories of past trauma that she thought was behind her. And she said that she knew of other women who were also feeling re-traumatized (and I'm sure there are many men, too.) I can't stand the word trigger. It seems to be used to describe just about everything these days. But there is no better word for what's happening to so many of us over the past week or so.

Daily Topics - Wednesday October 19th, 2016

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AMERICA " "May you live in interesting times"

As bizzare as this election cycle has been, there is some merrit to the saying " May you live in interesting times".

Magnificent ELEPHANT Trumps son KILLS for FUN

This is the beautiful animal Trumps son slaughters for a cheap 'selfie'. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=c0f_1464173659

" The photos show Donald Jr., 34, and Eric, 28, embracing a dead leopard, posing behind a slain civet, and standing next to a dead elephant with its chopped-off tail in Donald's hand"

First picture shows Donald Trump Jr holding the tail of an elephant he had just cut off after shooting and killing it.

The second photo shows both Trump sons Ric and donald , bragging they just killed a cheetah

Iron Curtain Boy Talk

Boy talk? Ok, please never talk dirty to me Melania! What would you say? “I love you so much that I am going to cut off your genitals and feed them to white doves.”


Any validity to this story. Looks like more conservative lies.


Is Donald Trump Gay?

I grew up in a pretty tough neighborhood. Luckily, I went to one of the nation’s best military academy’s and was spared (at least during the week) a lot of the existential threats that were the day to day reality for my less fortunate neighbors. And though on those long weekends before heading back to Signal Hill I buried myself in academia and books, it didn’t change the fact that I had to learn to survive in both of these very disparate worlds. The world of the rich and privileged during the week; and the world of the urban working class on the weekends.

Has Trump already committed SEDITION?

Sedition is speach against a government or governmental system which can directly or indirectly cause action or actions contrary to civil order. When Trump loses and some threatened action occurrs such as violence etc, would he be subject to arrest for its fomentation? Yelling fire in a crowded theater is not excercise of free speech unless there is an actual fire. Many of Trumps speeches are laden with unsubstantiated accusations reflecting upon our democratic system. He is directly or indirectly calling for illegal action by his followers much as a mafia boss sayin

Daily Topics - Tuesday October 18th, 2016

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Organized Money Is Dangerous To Democracy

The question that is constantly being asked, particularly on the talking heads on television, is "what do the Democrats have to do to regain political power?" What does it take?