December 2016

The Fifth Dimension of Politics: the illegitimacy of Trump presidency

There is a natural progression occurring, starting with the rejection of the ersatz Trump presidency to the re-establishment of a real presidency. It’s a reaction to what Paul Krugman has deemed a tainted election, declaring the election to be illegitimate.

Paul Krugman: “So this was a tainted election. The result was illegitimate in important ways; the victor was rejected by the public, and won the Electoral College only thanks to foreign intervention and grotesquely inappropriate on the part of domestic law enforcement.”

US Media "Swamp Talkers"; Unplug the Drain, NOW.

I’m not Frank Luntz or George Lakoff but I know an opportunity when I see one. I’ve been Amazed to hear such a Populist meme coming from the Trump camp as the phrase: “DRAIN THE SWAMP”. Nothing says BERNIE SANDERS More. That’s Pure Bernie -- Not, Swamp-Dweller, Donny Trump.


The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation From Fukushima.

The West Coast is daily being fried by nuclear radiation from Fukushima, but there is a conspiracy of silence from the governments and major news. Every single day, approx 300 tons of radioactive water from Fukushima has entered the Pacific Ocean since March 2011, that's 300 tons of radioactive water times 1800 days since the melt down of 3 nuclear reactors, a half a million TONS of radioactive water has either leaked or be dumped in the Pacific Ocean since 2011.

Executive Order for Count of Provisional votes

Trying to force the Count of Provisional Ballots would bring attention to the cheating in elections.


" Hemp trivia: George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew Cannabis on their plantations. Jefferson, while envoy to France, went to great expense and even considerable risk to himself and his agents to procure particularly good hemp seeds smuggled illegally into Turkey from China. The Chinese Mandarins (political rulers) so valued their hemp that they made exporting the seeds a capital offense. The American Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper. And in the 15th century, the Gutenberg Bible was printed on hemp paper.

Down Ballot winners

So, why isn’t anybody talking about all the Republicans who won because of the down ballots which were hacked that gave Trump the win?

Right to vote

I wanted to call inbut could not get through.

It totally drives me crazy when Thom talks about putting an affirmative right to vote in our Constitution.

There is no such thing as an affirmative right to anything in the United States Constitution. The ENTIRE thing is a bill of negative rights restricting the government. There is not a single ammendment in it that is an affirmative right.

Read it!!!!!

Prager U’s Fatally Flawed Minimum Wage Arguement

More inaccuracies and false information from Prager U, this time about the minimum wage.

eMail to NPR re: Kobach's Criminal Coup...

Kris Koabch's [kris-cross] crosscheck program has cost the American People the 2016 election by systematically disenfranchising millions of minority voters across the USA. This election was not only won for Clinton by ~3 million Counted Votes; she won the electoral college as well. It was Overwhelmingly won by people who were either given phony "provisional" ballots and believed they voted, when their votes were Never actually counted, or had their votes nullified by sabotaged ScanTron dev

Nixon's environmental accomplishments

The GOP forgot it was Nixon who brought us the EPA, the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, OSHA, and NEPA. All the things the GOP is vowing to bring down.

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Prison for Miscarriages?

Thom plus logo Mike Pence's and the GOP's war on women took a sinister turn this week when Planned Parenthood was forced to abandon Title X funding; they can no longer get payment for serving low income women for cancer screenings and STD treatments.