December 2016

Call for new election - is it naive and far fetched or not?!

  • Declare state of emergency
  • Call for new elections
  • Suspend regular election laws and rules for the time being (make the elections democratic for once - not a manipulated criminal conduct)
  • Round 1 - week 3 (primary with all previous candidates democrats and republicans on the ticket, no campaigning - we already know all the candidates better then we wish...present debates of both party candidates together).
  • Round 2 - week 4 ( presidential election based on the first round - winner for each party)
  • Only candidates names on the ballot - no other issue

The Rope-a-Dope Lying King Scams Us Again: America's first clairvoyant president

"I don't need no stinkin intelligence briefings." I have more important things to do. (where's my Tweeter?)

First it was his tax returns. [you’ll never see them]

Then it was Melania’s promised press conference to clear up her illegal modeling work in the US: NOT (and what’s mo, she may have been a ho?)

DID HE say we should LYNCH HIM

First of all i'd like to thank Thom Hartmann ' Ddc ' blogger for bringing this quote to our attention.

"If the people knew what we had done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us." George H.W. Bush to journalist Sarah McClendon

Does anyone think that Trump is bipolar?

it seems to me that anyone who sleeps only 3 hours a night, and spends all the rest of his time fragrantly abusing others both verbally and otherwise, making rash actions, tries to run our government like one of his businesses and brings in people who are not only wealthy, but who will go along with the complete destruction of the environment, exhibits signs of being in a permanent state of mania and/or else he is a sociopath. Many sociopaths are highly successful because they have no conscience and will do anything to succeed whether covertly or overtly. I know the therapi


Todays Americans have lost their way, perhaps a result of to many crooked sociopaths running their country, their business world, George W /Cheney, the Koch Brothers come to mind. Perhaps it the result of corporate media programming, the pablum fed dumbing down of America, supplanting realism with sitcoms and trivial reality TV. The corporate sponsored 24/7 lies and half truths dressed up as news. Perhaps the problem is your fellow citizens flattly have no idea whats really going on, to blinded by hate radio and extremist TV.

Annulment—The Last Ditch Justification for the Existence of the Electoral College--The Very Last

If the Electoral College was not intended to issue an annulment, why exist at all? Time for the EC to demonstrate its reason for being, or go out of business for good.

If you research the purpose of the Electoral College, you easily come to the conclusion that their existence was to specifically address the current drama with the impending Trump presidency. The idea was to place a buffer between the popular vote and the office of the presidency. A last ditch method of keeping a nut job out of our highest office.

Take the following common beliefs about why this system exists:

Daily Topics - Monday December 12th, 2016

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Just a reminder from March 1933 till 1969 there was only one republican president during all those years and that president Dwight D Eisenhower , by todays right wing standards would be considered a raving socialist. These were Americas golden years that made the US the envy of the civilized world.

It was liberals that steered America and acted quickly to stabilize the economy during the great depression , a time when unemployment in some cities was as high as 80%, a depression economy which liberals inherited from 11 years of preceding republican governments.

Future Protocol

Explaining to my Granddaughter how to meet the US president... “Is it like meeting the queen?” she asks. “No.” I explain.

Proud to be American..?

Our President Elect is an accused molester of underage girls. An accused Thief, Scam artist, Criminal and discriminator. He is a shockingly poor businessman (if I’d inherited that much wealth, honestly I’d probably have blown it on Blow and Smack, but I wouldn’t be pretending to run for US [or local PTA] president).

I am so ASHAMED to be an American right now.

I don’t even know what to say to my friends from other parts of the planet.

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Prison for Miscarriages?

Thom plus logo Mike Pence's and the GOP's war on women took a sinister turn this week when Planned Parenthood was forced to abandon Title X funding; they can no longer get payment for serving low income women for cancer screenings and STD treatments.