January 2017

It's the Water, stupid -- Not Oil.

Honey, Go to the gas station and fill up a gallon or two; Here's $5... Let's stop pretending. We All KNOW the game plan, as fossil fuels diminish, is to use the existing gas station infrastructure model to switch from pumping gas to pumping potable water at $1+/gallon (to start). These predatory companies are not fools and have seen the writing for decades. The object of the game is to buy up our Water resources and then pollute those we already collectively own.

The "millions of fraudulent voters" claim is a negotiating position

Donald Trump's well known negotiating tactic is to start at an outrageous position and proceed from there. The plausibility or fairness of the position is irrelevant, only a means to an end. I believe that this type of thinking is involved in the latest unsubstantiated claim by the White House about massive voter fraud in the recent election. The first position in this interaction was Rep.

The Donald is a sickee

The Mayo Clinic describes NPD in the following way:

Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of ultraconfidence lies a fragile self-esteem that’s vulnerable to the slightest criticism.

The Fifth Dimension of Politics: We the People’s Union of America

These are indeed strange times. I find myself agreeing with Ronald Reagan: “government is not the solution to our problem, government IS the problem.”

The corporate conservatives finally got what they wished for. They cleaved the federal government from We the People’s Union of America, the one referred to in our Preamble of the Constitution.

Daily Topics - Tuesday January 24th, 2017

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I'm glad more people are starting to realize these people for what they really are ,sociopaths ,people incapable of feeling anything for anyone except themselves . Capitalism is a breeding ground for these sociopaths, because it is conducive to the mindset of take everything without thought or consideration and its never enough. For to long these mentally deranged have plundered everything, everyone in their path and have for their efforts been celebrated by society.

Tired of the Groper’s Superlative Cliches? Try This Therapy

We need to give ourselves a break from his boring, bullshit, self-aggrandizing style, like the juvenile antics in front of the CIA wall of heroes, where he gassed on about how many times he was on the cover of Time Magazine and how bloody smart he is. Then, to add insult to injury, he suggested how f#cking wonderful CIA relationships are going to be under his rule .

HOG TIE his administration till his time runs out

Scott Pruitt: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), and Environmental Illness (EI) for everyone...

Scott Pruitt / EPA; please God, NO!

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), and Environmental Illness (EI) for everyone...

MCS and EI are serious conditions which are life-ruining for many, and which exist sub-clinically for everyone. More people cross the border from sub-clinical to undeniable every day; the crossing is now exponential as the Planet becomes more poisoned / poisonous every day. Now, children are born with such conditions.

Scott Pruitt; please God, NO!

Trump ; tRUMP, what to call him

tRUMP, what to call him

I vote for ‘Biff’, the name of the low-life bully from ‘Back to the Future’ fame, most especially, I guess, from Back to the Future Part II.

Not President Biff, just Biff. Authentic respect must be earned; it does not come automatically with an office, title or appointment. No Holy title, just ‘Biff’; it’s a four letter word.

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Trump - Dumb Luck or A Master Manipulator?

Thom plus logo Either it's an act of a master manipulator, or he has the best luck there is. Donald Trump wanted the Fed to lower interest rates, knowing that that would provide a solid and multi-year boost to the economy. But when Trump came into office, rates were already low and the Fed was not inclined to help.