April 2017

Inspection- Worshiping the Bully

 We have had bullying spewing forth from the highest office before, though rarely as much as with the Orange Turd. "Orange Turd?" I have never gone 'there' with any president before, not even W. who I loathed. But I am going there with Trump.

Earth Day 2017 / Earth Day # 47

Earth Day 2017 / Earth Day # 47

The message is simply, “Love Your Mother”

Dear Mother Earth,

I would like to apologize, on behalf of your most foolish/selfish children (the modern, ‘civilized’ humans).

You are, and have been, profoundly nurturing and supportive since [even before] our (the Species-Human) birth. Food, shelter, medicine, inspiration, boundless beauty and the components of ‘Right Livelihood’; ours to adopt and appreciate at will. Ours to use for good.


I think anyone who is abhored by the fact that Donald Trump is the 45th president should now refer to his presence as NUMBER 45. This Orwellian reference better suits a man who is determined to create dystopian state, run by mercenaries of the few rich and powerful. Trump or should i say NUMBER 45 is a political aberration of a polarized and decaying America, an America in decline. It's been around 100 days since he took office, it feels like 100 months.


Quote one blogger "The countries with nuclear weapons have really never gone to war with each other."

The united States since it developed and used nuclear weapons to kill a quarter million civilians, have been using this weapon as a hammer which they hold over the head of any country it chooses. Then under the threat of nuclear annihilation, the US invades countries and destroys it's infrastructure , while syphoning all the wealth, killing resisters and leaving the country in the hands of American puppets.

Daily Topics - Friday April 21st, 2017

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DO you have any idea why we are ALL eating Frankenstein food? These GMO's were created for no other reason than to be able to withstand heavy applications of chemicals while everything else around the plant dies. The result of course since these GMO's are resistant to chemicals like roundup, Monsanto and other multinational chemical companies get to sell farmers more chemicals. We all ingest Frankenstein food, so chemical corporations like Monsanto can increase chemical sales and make more profits. They get to f**k with the world's food supply so they can increase sales.

Agriculture Pesticides

I recently had to travel thus needed to frequent restaurants. Its been 12 years since my last trip but notice a disturbing change in public health. The children are suffering from autism in alarming numbers. This unregulated use of pesicides are creating this public health crisis.

Daily Topics - Thursday April 20th, 2017

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Trump's Tweets...

What are Trump's pre-sunrise twits all about?

For Science March on Saturday

For the Science March-
1. The MOON DOES rotate on its axis, at the same rate it revolves around the earth due to mass concentrations (mass-cons) on the far side. Pick an infinite point and observe. Theory is that it protected earth from many asteroid hits, loading up the far side with more iron near the surface. FYI: The moon revolves around the Earth from the West to East (CCW from North Pole).

2. SALT does NOT significantly raise the boiling point of water (unless you mix it 1:1 or greater).

William Barr’s shady track record of covering up the crimes of a Republican president

William Barr’s shady track record of covering up the crimes of a Republican president
Thom plus logo Bill Barr knows how to cover up the crimes of a Republican president. We know, because he’s done it before.