June 2017

cumulative U.S. carbon emissions

FYI we have produced ~27% of all CO-2 emissions since 1850. That is more than a quarter and is why we bare responsibility to all of mankind and should be paying more for it. Pay up time Donald!

2 https://wri.org/blog/2014/11/6-graphs-explain-world%E2%80%99s-top-10-emi...

Ending Terrorism Without War-Yes It Can Be Done

Ending Terrorism in Just a Few Years

How the Democrats Went Wrong Right: Part III: Surprised Trump Kowtowed to Saudi Royalty?

Surprised Trump Kowtowed to Saudi Royalty?

Inspection- 55%

Channel 5 News here in Nashville reported a few mornings ago that shootings in Nashville are up 55% over last year. Of course, immediately, they had a right wing "think tank" expert on who claimed it was because of drugs. I am assuming they will therefore propose more draconian drug laws that will ("amazing!") result in more drug related crimes. I also assume the resulting rise in stock for Tennessee-based Correction Corporation will make stockholders very happy.

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Organized Money Is Dangerous To Democracy

The question that is constantly being asked, particularly on the talking heads on television, is "what do the Democrats have to do to regain political power?" What does it take?