August 2017

Prejudices and Bigotry

A preconceived judgement or opinion used to manipulate an audience who are unsure of their own judgement of different people.

Most people have better judgement than they give themselves credit for.

Note to Canada's PRIME MINISTER



mass noun

  • 1The crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill or overthrow the sovereign or government.

‘they were convicted of treason’

Inspection- Trump Can't Take It

As my radio pukes out more Trump threats to have Hillary investigated again I realize how easy Trump makes it to recognize that classic bully distraction tactic: "Look over there!" Of course, being Trump, the tactic is delivered via his trademark mob mentality, flavored with threats bordering on, "You will stop or we'll put cement shoes on someone in your family." Of course that ignores that there are many demanding the investigation continue who might even welcome Clinton in handcuffs at the same

Trump; despair, dishonest, and fraud, THE REAL FAKE

In his life; pre or post political career, when he is given a situation or subject to comment or act on, He then very planned and purposely points out the weakness for failure or will be failure. It's the oldest trick in the book; showing an image of such despair that one feels forced to reward him with the repair.

Cherry Picking the Intelligence Reports

It has been noted that the only intelligence agency reporting the miniaturization of North Korea's nuclear bombs, which makes the bomb capable of being carried on a missile, is the Defense Intelligence Agency. The other intelligence agencies of this country have not corroborated this report. The DIA made this claim several years ago as well, and it was ultimately discredited. Nonetheless, President Trump has used this report to draw the world dangerously closer to a nuclear confrontation. The question is, why does he give credence to this one report and yet

We have OUR share of CRAZY RIGHT WINGERS up here

Frustrated by our CBC (Canadian Broadcasting) blog site comment section being punctuated by right wing baloney, misguided , misinformed low information bloggers parroting right wing misinformation they've been taught by right wing propaganda sites like FOX news ,I just couldn't take it anymore and posted this comment chastising Canada's misinformed. Canadians who are by almost any standard are spoiled.


" We hug each other a little tighter': Tense times in Guam after North Korea missile threat" We've seen this war propaganda coming from the west before, especially the US.

This GUAM nonsense, these so called quotes of terror by those living there , is nothing short of deliberate inflammatory war mongering by the Americans and their propaganda right wing controlled media.

WHY is it EVERY TIME these right winger get in power , there has to be another war, another mass killing .

Voter suppression

Hillary Clinton should file a lawsuit against voter suppression.

Also the DNC should do the same.


Liberal/Progressives could be characterized as practical and reasonable.

William Barr’s shady track record of covering up the crimes of a Republican president

William Barr’s shady track record of covering up the crimes of a Republican president
Thom plus logo Bill Barr knows how to cover up the crimes of a Republican president. We know, because he’s done it before.