Roky Erikson

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1965, I was 16, Drummer in a band called the Nobles. Roky Erikson's little brother was our singer, for our one and only gig with him. We all gathered in the bathroom to watch him "toke" a "joint". I was fascinated, tho it was 6 years later 'til I had the opportunity myself. (I had gone for the money and joined a real country-western band, so i always had a lot to drink, even 'tho i was underage.) The next few years I got to share the stage with a few legendary Texas country-western singers and musicians. I got to play the Broken Spoke and the now-defunct Skyline Club, venue for almost all of the country stars of that era. The Skyline Club is now a CVS pharmacy. The Spoke is still hummin' tho.

harry ashburn
Jul. 31, 2007 3:01 pm

Are We At "Peak" Citizen's United?

Thom plus logo Donald Trump has corrupted pretty much every federal agency, but the one that is most concerning is his corruption of the Department of Justice. Bill Barr, in 1992, ran the cover up of the Iran/Contra treason scandal on behalf of George HW Bush and Ronald Reagan. Now he's running, according to Lev Parnas, multiple coverups for Donald Trump.
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