Scott Brown...just another Shill

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Scott Brown vows to oppose financial reform and retain the status quo for the billionaire banksters. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce lavished Brown with $1 million on TV ads and ThinkProgress reported that business and Wall Street executives added to Brown’s coffers with over $200,000 in 11th hour contributions — nearly half of his total haul just in time for his election last year. Now, Brown seems to be returning the favor to Wall Street and telling American workers on Main Street that they can just take a leap. It’s ironic that a majority of his voters said they were motivated by a belief that Democratic Party policies were doing more to help Wall Street than Main Street, and now that the Democrats are proposing legislation to end "to big to fail banks" forever, the Republicans like Scott Brown and Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are lining up with their donors from Wall Street against the American people.

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm


And this is surprising? My question is this: What's going to happen when the Tea Partiers catch on? I have always asked about the "throw the bums out" effect that many say will occur during this election cycle. They seem to talk as if the Republicans will be somehow immune to the effect. I don't get it. The TPers want something different, or at least that's what they claim. The Republicans have offered nothing but the status quo. The Dems on the other hand are at least trying to do something about it. Why then would the Dems suffer losses in November and not Republicans? Seems to me that it would tend more towards going the other way. People are wanting ACTION. The Republicans have explicitly said that they aren't there for it.

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

That is the point of the diverted anger tactic of those trying to manipulate the tea parties. They begin with the toxic FAUX reinforced story of God and Flag being sold out by swishy and disloyal secular Liberalism. The underlying meme is the broken covenant with God and Manifest Destiny due to homosexuality and secularism, including "science." Science is bad because it denies Biblical Truth. That means it has to be dishonest and even satanic.

We need to appreciate the frame that makes "sense" out of this insanity. We had one guy who would have given up his social security if he had not been made to pay into it, if that would help the country. Totally laudable motivation, but a nonsense idea. How would an investment in Wall St. have worked out for him? Good, if he had got out in time, but that is not how financial security is supposed to be played. And only those who knew how bad it was made money betting short.

These folks have been taught that Liberals are going to destroy their America with "Communism." But we are doing something worse, we are denying their claim to be exceptional in that White American Dream of the Religious Right. It is now open to people of all skin color, but the Dream has not changed its Southern character and values. That would not be a problem were their agenda not a theocratic and cultic definition of "real Americans" as opposed to the "rest of us."

It is why Obama bashing is about him "not being one of us." Obama keeps pushing his purple passion of unity, and they are having none of it. Despite his being more culturally White than Black in background, he did affirm his blackness in his maturity. But he never says it or makes it the issue as President. He is trying to unify and they are declaring division.

I called Bush a Fascist because of his war crimes and lying. He served the interest of the corporations, and that is definitional fascism. It was not hyperbole. Nazi references could be appropriate or not, but the context of the Holocaust made it an unfortunate rhetorical choice. Cheney is a paranoid, and paranioa + power is terrorism. We have the pics.

I do not accept the both sides are guilty line. It fails to address the reality of the rhetoric and not just the anger behind it. The radicals on the Left have never had official Democratic endorsement akin to the elected officials egging on the violent and hyperbolic rhetoric. But it is more than the passion, it is the demonization and the agenda of theocratic exclusion that is worth fighting to defeat.

There would be room for them in my America were they not trying to make me an alien or exile. How are we supposed to live with goons like that? I think these folks are being badly misled, but they are accountable for that when they become public nuisances and engage in uncivil behavior as their mode of operation. They don't know their Constitution or their Bible.

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

"I do not accept the both sides are guilty line." drc

I would have to respectfully disagree. As far as the body politic is concerned, not much difference between the Dems and Repub politicians, between the base perhaps, but only in degrees.

As far as their use of the Bible, their spinmeisters weave a tale which is congruent with their preconceived notions much as theistic liberals do the same.

Whether they follow the blunt and obvious tactics of a Luntz, or the measured rhetoric of an Obama, what difference does it make if the results are the same? Meanwhile civilians continue to be slaughtered in the Middle East and the police continue to beat and bludgeon US citizenry with near impunity. SOS

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

Thom wrote: "It’s ironic that a majority of his voters said they were motivated by a belief that Democratic Party policies were doing more to help Wall Street than Main Street,"


Well, Dems are the party in charge. Note the proposed Financial Consumer Protection Agency is being folded into the Fed....where the banking/fiinance constituency will have veto power over their actions.

Sometimes I feel Obama is a little more to the left than he appears...and is hamstrung by the political realities of a bought Congress. Then I take a look at his economic appointees...and just shake my head.

Retired Monk - "Ideology is a disease"

Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

GOP Tax Myth & Junk Economics

If there's one thing all Republican politicians are really good at, it's straight-up lying through their teeth about how their tax cuts for the rich are actually tax cuts for the middle-class.

Reagan did it, George W. Bush did it, and now that he's officially unveiled his own so-called tax reform plan, Donald Trump is doing it, too.

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