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There is a reason why the institutions and the belief systems the elite have always counted on that once seemed to be the pillars of civilization are cracking and falling now. In a surprisingly short period of time, energy is withdrawing from the old predictable patterns of thought and behavior.

A period of near chaos has begun. Viewed from the halls of power, something has gone wrong. There is a disturbance in the mass consciousness. There is little doubt that the old, the establishment, is dottering. What may be rising to replace it is, as yet, a mystery.

Whatever we have been, whatever we have created over centuries to end up calling our Western Civilization, is a composite and expression of what we think of ourselves.

Not one of our beliefs or institutions has been forced upon us. No alien power visited our planet and subjugated us or won us over to a concept of ourselves that produced our ways of government, our concepts of the spiritual, our ideals of life, our destructive tendencies, our hopes and fears. Everything in our civilization we have created ourselves.

Now, we are in the process of reviewing our creations. Disappointment may be developing into disgust.

An experiment in a vertical, elitist, materialist, patriarchal and reductionist perspective of ourselves no longer serves us. It is taking away our quality of life and pushing us to the point of an absurd self-destruction. The convergence of these failings at this moment in history is unique. Mass awareness of these phenomena as they unfold is almost instantaneous. Nationwide and global reactions have become too powerful and simultaneous to manipulate. Change is running ahead of the ability of the old guard to understand it and accommodate it as usual into their grand plan.

The establishment, guardians and repositories of our old philosophy, feel a strange uneasiness about the consciousness shift all around them. Their fear of losing power and control makes them emotional and irrational in their behavior and speech. The extreme polarization in society is a result of growing panic within those who have bought into the old philosophy and cannot countenance any change away from it, and those whose hands are on the levers of manipulation. These are the elitists once securely seated within the institutions now crumbling beneath them. They have always assumed that people will behave as they have in the past. They did not foresee that humanity is capable of not only comprehending what the rulers are up to, but en masse deciding not to cooperate as they reach for something better.

There is far more to a human being than what the old philosophy assumes. This is manifesting now within our species via an inner communication that is beyond external controls.

If the people no longer see themselves in the same way as they did when the old philosophy ruled their lives, the old philosophy can no longer rule.

Why should an entire civilization change the way they understand themselves? One might as well ask why we decided the minuses under an all-powerful Church outweighed the pluses, resulting in a massive shift in the public’s concept of themselves. One might as well ask why we decided living under a monarchy had more minuses than pluses, resulting in our changing our view of ourselves to “one man, one vote.”

The current change we are initiating continues this growth process. It is unique, however, in its depth and significance. When we threw off the oppressive Church and the monarchical tyranny, we took steps toward the day when we would face the core beliefs that created such institutions in the first place. The priesthoods of the dominant religion and the dominant social class may have been brought low a few centuries ago, but we only replaced them with the priesthoods of politics, law, medicine, corporations, banking and science.

We have allowed these priesthoods to enrich and empower themselves over our daily lives until we have reached a point in which we fear all of them. Not too long ago, we would accept their decrees and opinions with proper subservience. In the past two decades, however, the “experts” within their ranks contradict each other with such vehemence and certitude, we are only left with confusion and doubt as to what is true and dependable.

Thus, the chaos is forcing us to think for ourselves as never before. The hyperbole of disaster employed without restraint by the high priests as they argue for our preference for their particular interests over another has become wearisome. En masse, our civilization surrendered itself into a disinterested and cynical state of mind. We became convinced we are being used and can do nothing about it. This pathetic condition becomes, in time, the fertile ground for new birth. The human spirit, our individual and collective genius for agreeing on our problem and in unison insisting on its solution, is creating that solution at this very moment.

This time, what we are throwing off is more than an oppressive religion or a tyrannical monarchy. Now, all priesthoods are on shaky ground. The entire elitist, materialist, reductionist and separatist self-concept we have played with for a few thousand years has run out of steam.

If we are to bring forth a workable system, one that isn't based on just a disguised version of the dying one, we will need to throw off ideas of helplessness. Concepts that continue to place the individual as beneath or beholden to some powerful elite offer nothing to the future. Our religion, psychology and even our science would have us believe we are fundamentally flawed, victims of our own unsavory subconscious or nothing more than a bag of electro-chemical reactions motivated by a crude desire to survive. These beliefs have failed. But if we believe in them, they will continue to hold us back.

(end of Part Two: Western Civilization - Death and Birth)

Jun. 15, 2010 8:07 pm


Interesting post.

At one time, kings had rights. People didn't have rights. It's just the way things were...unquestioned.

A critical mass of human thought changed that view...what had been accepted as natural....the way things were and should remain, changed rather quickly in a brief span of time.

We are perhaps in the midst of that again...as things unravel...without a clear view of just what that entails...and the results coming out of it. It's becoming obvious that current political/economic/social structures aren't capable of addressing the critical issues of the day. Fascinating times..

Retired Monk - "Ideology is a disease".


Jul. 31, 2007 3:01 pm

Trump Is Using Racist White People To Make The Rich Richer

There is this whole mythology that Donald Trump came to power because 53% of white women voted for him, because 66% of white working men who didn't have a college degree voted for him.

That may be, but those are not his constituents. Those are his suckers. Those are his rubes.

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