How come BP isn't refered to as a "corporate felon"?

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How come BP isn't refered to as a "corporate felon"?

McClatchy is reporting a huge disparity in government and corporate felon BP's records on illness complaints. While, Louisiana state records show close to 74 oil spill workers have complained of becoming sick after exposure to the BP Oil disaster, BP's records only notes two complaints. This divide between the state data and BP’s raises issues about whether we can rely on on this corporation that has been convicted of felonies in the past to determine whether it's safe for the more the 27,000 workers now cleaning up the worst oil disaster in the nation’s history. While we all like the idea of rehabilitating criminals, this felon corporation hasn't reformed itself in the 3 years since its felony conviction. Which raises another question - howcome the corporate media in America never, ever refers to BP as a "corporate felon"?

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

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