Question for Thom and others regarding the green party

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hello thom and others,

I have a basic question. I've heard Thom say it might be a good idea to vote for the green party in local elections and the dems in the national elections. but how local? For example, i live in california, and Laura Wells is running. She is running for governor for california.

here is her link so you know who im talking about:

this is in no way an endorsement or advertisement of her on my part. it is a question. you see, to be honest, a huge amount of the democrats have annoyed me as well because they are really not democrats anymore, they are corporate bought republidems.

so, my question is, what do people think of the green party as opposed to the democratic party? If we should make our mission to build the democratic party, why do the dems deserve that? maybe we should abandon them and rebuild elsewhere, like the green party. or?

by the way, i do not belong to the green party, nor have i ever voted for anyone in the green party. ive always voted dem. but, wow, im depressed about the way things are in this country, and i would probably be forced to vote dem in national elections, but what about gubernatorial elections? any thoughts?

jeff carlson

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Jun. 8, 2010 12:52 pm


I work within the Dem Party in an attempt to change it. At my local caucus, I supported Obama over Hillary...the lesser of two evils. My candidate, Kucinich, had dropped out by that time. I voted Green Party in the Pres. election. Had Kucinich been nominated, I'd have voted for him.

I "wasted" my vote by voting for someone who had no chance of winning rather than "wasting" my vote by voting for someone who was all rhetoric and no substance.

The Dem Party made a change to the right when they rejected Jesse Jackson as their presidential nominee years ago....and chose to become the "me too" party. I haven't voted for them since when given an opportunity to vote Green.

We have a two-party system. Third parties are pretty much effectively locked out. Probably the best bet is to re-capture the Dem Party. I'll work to accomplish that...and generally won't vote for them if a Green is on the ballot.

Retired Monk - "Ideology is a disease"

Jul. 31, 2007 3:01 pm

They're already laying the groundwork for convincing people that they elected different folks than they voted for, by repetitiously framing the question like:

How many seats will Group A lose to Group B this November?

Group A proponents need to alert / remind their like-minded friends to make an extra effort to plan on voting early - and to use every instance of "pre-disposition propaganda" as a reminder to point out to others that the plan for another hoodwink is afoot, but can be twarted if an overwhelming (undeniable) majority gets to the polls.

My personal method for fighting propaganda is to Alert-to-it by saying a counter-phrase when I encounter it. My phrase for countering all the various "you're vote doesn't count, matter, etc." campaigns is: "Oh, that reminds me, I need to get my vote in early this year."

It gives me some immediate positive feedback, doesn't cost a dime and amuses intelligent eavesroppers.

Because we've had a chance to see more of the Bush/Cheney legacy play out over the past 18 months and everything turns out to be just as bad (or worse than we thought it was) with no mitigating factors.

So, based on my observation of the effects of fighting the science, selective enforcement and non-regulation, the question would more honestly be phrased as:

Can Group B be expected to hold onto any of their seats this November?

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Jul. 31, 2007 3:01 pm

This is a good thread with good questions being brought up, thanks for creating it. Anyway I don't feel like federal elections mean a whole lot, the two-party establishment has reinforced their electoral system to where it is nearly impossible for any non-Democrat or non-Republican to have any legitimate chance to win an election, that is if those candidates are able to get on the ballot while fending off multiple legal challenges. The system is rigged so the Democrats and Republicans maintain their hold on power, a vote for anyone else at the federal level is essentially a vote against the establishment. The establishment realized that they HAD to exclude everyone else after Ross Perot ran in 1992 and gained over 19% of the vote, since then who has been able to be anywhere near as successful against the establishment candidates?

That being said it is totally worthwhile to vote for the Green Party in State level elections and anything below that. States are able to create their own electoral rules seperate from the Federal Government and many third party and independant candidates have had plenty of success in getting elected in the past. Reseach Jesse Ventura's Gubernatorial Campaign in Minnesota in 1998 to see how its done at the highest feasible level. I am currently campaigning for Rich Whitney, Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate in Illinois, and he actually got nearly 11% of the vote in the 2006 election for Governor. That may not sound like a whole lot but it really is astounding for a first time candidate representing what was considered as a fringe political entity in the state. The Green Party has been making huge inroads in Illinois ever since, with all the current turmoil in the state many have surmised that a electoral victory for Whitney isn't to far fetched.

JC if you think you're frustrated with Democrats, just think of how I feel considering that I had to put up with Blagojevich and his cronies for 6 years. Before that be had Republican George Ryan who is currently serving a prison sentence for corruption charges. At this point, why would anyone in their right mind even consider voting for a member of either of these two blatantly corrupt parties in the State of Illinois? I don't know why they would, but I'm thinking that there are enough idiots in this state to keep those same parties thriving for years to come... unfortunately.

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Kenny Kamel
Aug. 9, 2010 4:54 pm

Where is Donald Trump's Worldview Leading Us?

I want to step back a little from the constant strum of the latest Trump scandal to the most recent outrage, the Trump constantly popping into the news literally every day. I don't remember this during the Obama administration or any other presidency frankly of my lifetime.

Every day they look for some way to get in the news even if it's negative.

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