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I know Thom doesn't like people trying to program his radio show, but in Threshold he mentions a chart and at the bottom of that chart are human's basic needs. If people are struggling to meet those basic needs, they can't see the higher up on the chart. (The things humans can aspire to.) I would like Thom to occasionally have on his show a discussion of what the 'higher' things are. I hear Senator Sanders mention it occasionally when he is on with Thom. What do we want our society to be like? I know Thom is a big fighter for heathcare for all and a distribution of wealth that is more beneficial to more of society. But, my big question is, what is the goal of humanity? All 7 billion of us. I don't think the goal of 7 billion people should be 10 or 12 billion people, unless we can feed and shelter all of them without killing the planet in the process. I always liked George Carlin's line which was, "The Earth doesn't care if we are on it, or not!" It seems we may be quite capable of causing our own extinction. Perhaps dinosaurs will re-evolve after we are gone?

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

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