Liberal or Conservative real ideals or labels for War on Class and working people

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Do Conservatives and the Replublican Party really represent true conservative ideals?

I thought being a conservative Republican meant being fiscally responsible, but republicans spent borrowed money for wasteful wars with no exit strategy.

I believed Conservatives respected Patriotic War Heroes, but you turned away one at the voting both for 4 more years of the Prep-school cheerleader and AWoL National Guardsman.

I thought Conservatives believed in a right to life but when your party had a chance insure medical care for babies and small children, conservatives and our President said no, suffer first then die.

I thought Conservatives believed in Free Markets, but they forgot to mention it only applies for you and me. Conservatives believe in high echelon corporate socialism, free to go up, giant give away if you crash and burn gambling on the life savings of millions of little people.

I believed being a conservative meant protecting American Industry. I have learned that for 30 years Conservatives have been taking short term profits on moving businesses away, and exploiting the American Consumer (the biggest weapon we have); to the lowest bidder. If you want American made, make it yourself.

I thought conservatives believed in small government, and now after 8 years of George Bush who can tell where Government ends and industry begins.

Liberal, Conservative, just labels for the American class war going on now.

Next time somebody snickers, shakes their head and says “ ah another liberal” Just tell them, it has nothing to do with Liberal or Conservative it has to do with right and wrong, it has to do with the truth, it has to do with the lies we all believe in.

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Aug. 2, 2010 8:43 pm


well said. I like the blow-by-blow example format.

Sep. 22, 2010 9:14 am

Just "thinking" a bit. Trying to figure out this mess We got.

Well. I understand, (hopefully correctly), that "Conservatism" is basically about preservation of the "Status Quo". But, I need to ask "which status quo"? The one that was born with the Constitution? Or the one that came with the international banking cartel, as it infiltrated and corrupted Our Nation?

Are Republicans Conservatives? Or the vanguard of new world order intrusion, (which is the True Status Quo?) The Republican bottom line does seem to be about profit...not Human Rights. Their actions don't seem to match their rhetoric. They are always deciding and acting for corporate interests.

Lets see. The Conservatives of American Colony Days were the "Tories", loyal to the English Monarchy and the business interests of English Parliament, (firmly under the control of the international banking cartel...founded by that Rothschild.) I guess one could say that the "Status Quo" of then, was the "Rights Of Empire" and priviledged few.

Then. After the American Revolution the status quo really didn't change did it; except in additonal territory for the new world order. The same old people were still in control. Business as usual except that the profits went into the Federal Reserve and from there, when needed, into European Banks.

I guess the "Declaration Of Independence" and the "Constitution" were just a screen for the real activities of the little "e" elite to operate behind.

I hope the day will come when an awakened American People will go back there and remove that shadow world that preys on Us. An act of Our final Will for participatory excellence in Our Government and Nation will be a great light for Our Sacred Foundational Documents. The shadow world will recoil from this power of The People and America will achieve wonderful progress toward the fulfillment of the American Vision and Light and Life Destiny.

The "Golden Rule" will be more valuable than all the gold in the world.

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

Nothing like a "blow by blow" example format without any proof.

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Oz Fox
May. 5, 2011 11:08 am

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