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I sent this to KTLK after hearing Clark "Your Money" Howard doing a "free trade"/China-U.S. trade policy monologue (he's on "afternoon drive" here in L.A.). I wanted to throw my radio across the room hearing him blithely ignore the fact that his arguments had holes the size of a Mack truck (metaphorically speaking) as he proceeded to talk "Clarkonomics" in his annoying "aw, shucks" voice...I'd switch the dial, but his only competition is right-wing Svengali Mark Levin. Next time maybe I'll switch to Power 106 -- I think Lil' Wayne would have more actual insight on the subject...

"Clarkonomics?" Give me a break! He's actually comparing "free trade" (a tragic misnomer, by the way) to Gandhi's philosophy ("eye for an eye makes the whole world blind") -- this comparison is ludicrous! This guy hardly belongs in the same business with Stephanie, Thom, Randi, and Mike. Not to mention his point of view is baseless -- he doesn't even do his politics homework before he veers from "how to get another credit card" -- at least Hannity can download Mark Levin's talking points every day. Worse (in some ways) than being a "tool" of the right, I think Clark is someone whose success has gone to his head to the point that he thinks once he gets behind a mic, his perspective instantly gains validity. Now his listenership think that his political blatherings represent non-partisan insight, especially when he says "it just makes sense" (last time I heard it said like that, I was on a used car lot).

Tell him to read Robert Reich (Supercapitalism and/or Aftershock), Thom Hartmann (Unequal Protection), and then explore Michael Moore's work (Roger and Me, for instance). Then he can read Milton Friedman (Free To Choose) or Thomas Friedman or the work of a glut of pretenders to Limbaugh's $400m throne (Beck, O'Reilly, Ingraham...their lightweight contributions to the genre somehow get end-of-aisle placement in bookstores and Wal-Marts everywhere...hmmm) for contrast. His listeners have, at least on this station. Do you know that you've blundered into having a very literate audience? Have you ever read Thom Hartmann's message board and witnessed the level of thinking that happens there?

Moreover, every programming choice you make is a choice to either recognize us as an educated audience or insult our intelligence.

Fans of insightful, progressive, political commentary are your base. Why desert us at critical afternoon drive time for lightweight daytime pabulum (Gayle King -- why doesn't Oprah do her own radio?) or credit card tips? There is an ideological war going on, and the right has enough Rupert Murdochs et al. taking a loss (!) (can you say Citadel?) to hire people to shill for them.

As for your nightly fiction (Phil Hendrie -- the joke ceased being funny a decade ago).

Please go all-progressive talk, at least during the week. Your listeners will love it & turn their friends on to it. You can thank me later.

Sep. 26, 2010 8:38 am

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