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Thom, I love your show it helps me stay sane and I thank you, but you have to stop this Danish fixation you are on. You are not portraying the real Denmark, I think I may have one up on you on this one, it’s my “home” country. (Raised in Denmark and live in the US, with all my family still in Europe).

I know, for the past few years the people of Denmark have been “voted” the happiest people in the world, it’s complete BS, but a fantastic ploy to get tourist to come visit “Wonderful Copenhagen”. Denmark is the largest user of happy pills per capita in the world, I think that may just have something to do with their happiness. A happiness measured on what they have and can buy in material goods, this according to a Danish poll I heard 3 weeks ago while in Denmark.

The anger and tensions in Denmark, is so prevalent that I for one feel safer in NYC then in Copenhagen.

Your idea that the right-wingers in Denmark base their entire platform on anti immigration and racism, is very misunderstood to say the least. Besides their racist agenda, there is nothing the right wing parties would rather do than privatize the entire social sector and state run agencies. And they are well on their way to ruin what was, to become just another corporate institution in the world of lobbyist and capitalism run amok.

Just like here, the rich pays no tax, Maersk (richest Dane) is an example of someone who is tax free and treated like royalty for donating the new opera that the state now have to pay millions (Kroner) every year just to run and maintain.

The former PM in Denmark, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, G.W. Bushes best friend and now NATO Sec.Gen. Was such an idiot that the reason Denmark is not much further in the development of reusable energy is all his. Denmark is actually far behind some other countries because the right wing government under Fogh de-funded reusable energy research.

I hope you’ll take another look at Denmark, without a Danish Radio tourist guide by your side, because the Dane is just like any other patriot, they want to show you their best and prettiest side.

Denmark is far from a Wonderland, it’s actually fast becoming the very dark spot on the European map, this according to several European opinions across the continent.

I hope I have not offended you, but rather helped you see Denmark in a different light.



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