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You've got to stand for something

Or you're gonna fall for anything

You've gotta stand right up for somethin'

Or you're gonna fall for anything

- John Mellencamp

(Lyrics from the song "You've Got To Stand for Somethin' ")

Okay Folks. Now is the time to take all that rhetoric that is bandied about here on sites like this one as well as other "Progressive-Liberal' oriented website message boards and put your money where your mouth is ...literally.

Joseph Lieberman, a man of dual citizenship (Israel), who chairs the Senate Committee of Homeland Security (their intentions online acting as a the Nazi Waffen Schutzstaffel AKA " S.S." did in Nazi Germany, in my opinion) has been pressuring certain corporate entities who make their livelihood online such as PayPal and Amazon, to prevent Wikileaks from successfully presenting to YOU, the American Public, information that some might deem vital to a government of The People, By The People and For The People. Joseph Lieberman, along with Republican Sentor Susan Collins (Maine) has been trying to get a Senate Bill entitled, Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act (PCNAA), passed that would allow the the government legally to decide when and what to censor regarding Internet content it deems a "threat to national security." Not only that, but it would create an entirely new agency of the purpose under this new law called the National Center for Cybersecurity and Communications (NCCC), to be part of Homeland Security.

Just what we need; yet another agency dedicated to thwarting our rights via the excuse of 'national security.'

But apprently, Lieberman isnlt going to wait for the Bill to even pass the Senate, as he has already begun to be effective in censoring the information you and I receive via the Internet by putting enough pressure on certain corporate enities that operate online; in other words, he is going through the interelated business network online to effectively shut down Wikileaks, which I guess, according to the many denials that Lieberman's Internet Censorship Bill would only be operable in a time of "crisis" or "national security threat" must means that we are ...already there, I guess...

The recent Wikileaks releases on the ILLEGAL and IMMORAL Iraq War, Afghanistan War, and the more recent Diplomatic Cables and now with the impending release on the banking Industry (which is really what the big fuss is all about folks ....THAT release is the real 'national security' threat because it may very well expose the CRIMINALs running our banking system and their COHORTS in the Senate and the Congres as well as in the White House). This new war on cyberspace access and information is now taking a drastic turn into a very dark place historically and that place is going to resemble not an open Democracy or even a Free Republic, but a totalitarian society that looks a lot more like China and the old Soviet Union, than "America; home fo the free and land of the brave."

Since corporations are now "people" according to the U.S. Supreme Court as decided in Citizens United v. FEC, and their principle power of influence is through MONEY and we know how much power and influence in this country is determined by the amount of financial resources they have at hand ... then I guess that means their primary weakness would be a LACK thereof of MONEY because as people they have their weaknesses, then coporations do as well. The weakness of a coprorate entity that operates online such as PayPal is that they are suppported entirely by ALL OF YOU giving them YOUR business, therefore, since just being a 'citizen' makes little difference anymore as to your 'rights' or your influence over the governening powers that rule you, perhaps it is time to take back your power as a citizen by recognizing the POWER of YOUR Influence as A CONSUMER.

If you truly believe in the power of the people to govern themselves and that this can only be done in an open unrestrained manner in which journalists can freely disseminate information regarding how that same government operates and the TRUTH behind how that government wages war and operates diplomatically IN YOUR NAME and using YOUR TAX DOLLARS, than please now recognize wherein your power truly lies and act in accordance with your beliefs and your intetion to live in a free society and not one controlled by an authoritarian fascist sate claiming that they are doing everthing they can under the name of "protectiing you." while they strip you (quote literally in the case of the unconstitutional and outrageous TSA airport screening tactics) of every possible avenue of living and operating as FREE people.

And I need not remind you all, that during the Bush Jr. Adminstration, thousands, if not millions, of Illegal phone tappings were done on us, the American People with the direct complicity of certain corporations in the telecommunications Industry and then a bill making it "legal" was passed later on granting them all immunity from prosecution ...criminals protecting criminals ...while we all sat by a passively watched our rights to privacy and against illegal search and seizure go right down the government-sanctioned toilet.'s a perfect opportunity for you all to actually act in a way that lets those traitors to the Constitution like Joseph Lieberman (to which they swore a solemn oath to uphold by the way) who think they can rule by way of backdoor tactics in threatening and pressuring people to cut off your access to FREE SPEECH online that YOU WILL NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT WITHOUT A COST TO THEM AND THE CORPORATE ENTITIES THAT ARE COMPLICIT IN CUTTING OFF FREE SPEECH ONLINE ...and elsewhere for that matter. (Sorry bout caps.. I am not yelling; just impassioned....!)

You don't even have to leave your computer to do this act of unified public protest; simply close your PayPal account. It's very easy to do; however, yes ...there's the ugly "I" word; inconvenience. Oh, yes, if you close your PayPal account, then according to them, you cannot ever open one again ....hmmm, well that might mean you can't buy 'stuff' online anymore ...unless the stuff-sellers offers you an alternative to PayPal. Well, yes, there is going to be some inconvenience, but what is the cost of not acting in a manner that can effectively and assuredly proclaim your power to control the future of the sociaty you live in? How much is that PayPal account worth to you; is it worth your present and future access to FREE SPEECH or your right to say what YOU please online without your speech being systematically ...and in this case surreptitiously ...censored and repressed by a Senator and those opressive forces he represents and those corporate and business interests in compliance with that agenda? I guess that is what you will have to decide on your own. Paypal is an essential business element online ...but closing your account, your add VOICE (and your power as a consumerized citizen) in support of Wikileaks and against the kind of government-sponsored censorship, whether legal and formal or otherwise as we are now seeing unfolding in front of our very eyes as i write this as evidenced from current events.

Now is your opportunity to make a substantial difference acting individually and ultimately en masse; take it.


I won't suggest boycotting Amazon, since one boycott at a time is probably better to focus on and get people to particpate in and besides, boycotting Paypal will effecitively put a big financial strain on Amazon since Amazon and most other bussinesses use PayPal as well. But of course, you are free to boycott whomsever you chose.

Oh, and after you close your PayPal account, you might want to leave the confines of the stuffiness of your computer space and get out in some fresh air on the way to purchasing an international money order to send to Julian Assange/Wikileaks to help with his legal defense fund now that he is the target of a 'rape' investigation, conventiently timed with all of these recent releases of confidential documents online. Here is a link to where you can send it;

I know this is more work and inconvenience for most of you who like to post online and rant and rave (like I but perhaps, you will consider that in the long run, this is worth the effort ...and the inconvenience.

I did it and so can you ..pass it along to your friends. If you feel the need to explain to Paypal why you are closing your account (which is optional by the way), then perhaps, my example will be of help. I simply checked off "other' in their long lists of 'whys' and then below wrote 'Wikileaks.' In the box below where they ask for a more extended explaination, this is what I wrote;

"Any corporation that thinks it can undercut the will of The People to support those they chose worthy of that support by refusing service to that individual or organization, Wikileaks in this case, does not than deserve the customers it would thus undermine.

If that is a little too complicated for you to understand than try this;


(Of course, you don't have to add the 'fuck you' unless you feel like it

I hope you all reading this will join me. Time to put our money where our mouths are, don't you think? If not now; then when?

Pro Liberate!


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Jun. 15, 2010 10:10 am

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