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I need some resources for a debate I am having with my cousin..the Glenn Beck fan. I have told him Beck is all about hate/fear mongering and is bad for the country. I need some references to back this up. There is the well known stuff like "president Obama is a racist" and " I want to kill Mike Moore". My cousin usually doesn't have anything to back up the "talk" except talking points and bumper sticker slogans. I want to take it to a higher level with critical thinking and proof.

He says I don't watch his show, which is true,(Thom, Rhandi, Ed have given so many audio clips I feel I know enough about him to know he is a wacko) so I watched the full hour Friday night and found that he is really good at using his opinion as fact. One thing he said was that at the turn of the century the progressives loved Mussilini because he was all about state control for the economy. What he left out was that it was a corporate/state control (facism). Thom has talked about this but he didn't give any references that I remember. Thom has talked about how Mussilini got rid of the Italian legislature. But I have no reference that backs this up. Beck appears to want people to hate the government by failing to mention that the corporations had a hand in what happened to Italy in pre WWII.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You


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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

Trump's Lies Are Killing Us

Thom plus logo Donald Trump keeps insisting in his rallies, as he did last night, that he has lowered prescription drug prices, is protecting people with pre-existing conditions, and is improving Medicare. While everybody knows that he lies a lot, these are among the most pernicious lies.
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