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Hey, Thom, and Thom Friends! I had never heard of Thom Hartmann until we recently went with Dish TV and I found Free Speech TV, also of which I had never heard. I am so impressed with Mr. Hartmann, and most especially with an invitation which he repeatedly issued during this recent year-end fundraising drive, in which he asked for us to please call in and leave our name as a member of Free Speech TV, even if we cannot afford to make a financial contribution, at all! This, to me, is the most truly AMERICAN statement I have heard in my adult lifetime. Mr. Hartmann deliberately invited ALL of us -- A-L-L of us -- without exception, and without any condition, to BE INVOLVED! To PARTICIPATE! To C-O-U-N-T!! THAT is the America that I believed I grew up in, it is the America I WANT to live in, and it is the America that I am SO HAPPY to hear is still being fought for!! I can't THANK YOU enough, Mr. Hartmann!! The first time I heard you issue that invitation, I thought I had misheard, and that if I kept listening, I would never hear you say that again! I felt SURE that FSTV would not let you repeat that dollar-free, UNCONDITIONAL welcome to anyone out here to step forward and become known -- without bringing their checkbooks! U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E!! I kept hearing it, and hearing it, and hearing it!! It was REAL!! It was TRUE!! It was VALID!! It almost brought me to my knees!! It has seemed to me that we have lost our beloved country, and that we almost have to wage a revolution of some kind to recover our souls. It is ALREADY HAPPENING!! Mr. Hartmann is on the front lines, and is peacefully waging war against the destructors who are pushing us so hard. I thank you, I believe in what you're working for, and I'm SO THRILLED to have been invited to join you and to join "our side" to recover our beloved America!! I am telling EVERYONE I know about you, Free Speech TV and a lot of the things you tell us that we can do to be involved! People are just like me, when they hear this, they jump at it. We just don't know anymore HOW to participate and how to make a difference. You are a truly American beacon, a Paul Revere for this present day. We are a Truly Better Place for having you and your Heart to speak out for us and to us. From the bottom of my American Heart, I THANK YOU.

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Jan. 4, 2011 12:27 pm


Meemee, I have been listening to Thom for several years and I pretty much feel the same way. I remember, the first time I listened to his show, when he read "A Day in the Life of Joe Republican" which he wrote. Then he answered a call and the caller said he was a teacher, and Thom said "Thank you for serving humanity" or something to that effect. I am a college instructor, so I was thinking "It's about time." It was so refreshing to hear that instead of thanking someone for being part of the Great American Killing Machine, people who in my opinion deserve our pity but most definitely not our thanks.

There has been a lot of animosity toward Thom on this site recently, because we are frustrated politically and many progressives don't see everything the same way he does. I think it's a good thing to step back and see all the good we are doing collectively, and Thom's role in this process.

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Natural Lefty
Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

The Supreme Court Broke Politics - How Do We Now Reform the Supreme Court?

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