Irony of the Week! 3/31/11

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I feel so vindicated! When i did community radio, i used to call-up car salespeople on the air and rib them about auto names,i.e. ask them: "What's the plural of Prius"? How many S es "esses" in that? The plural of Stratus is Stratusses? No? "I drive a Stratus, you drive a Stratus, we drive _________________? Strati? Stratusses?" etc. (one guy said "I drive a Prius, you drive a Prius, we drive Prius"!! I replied "oh! its like "fish"? I catch a fish, you catch a fish, we" Today,I see an article that Prius is holding a contest to determine what is the plural of Prius!! Finally, my query got thru to upper management? Did enough people ask "what's the plural of Prius?" to where they decided they need an official answer?

Anyway, Ill try to keep track and let ya'll know what is the official plural of Prius!! Blows against the empire!

harry ashburn
Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm


Prius latin is an adverb, as in previously; quam ~ before, sooner than

People have failed to see the elephant in the room, but I never heard of someone failing to see the elephant shit [n] in the room.

The Rzeczpospolita daily newspaper quoted the owner of the travel company as saying, "From what I know, (the hunter) should have seen elephant excrement there.”

douglaslee's picture
Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

Is war on the menu for 2020 elections?

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