Prayer for Jared Loughner and his family

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Prayer for Jared Loughner and his family

Jared Loughner's family has been on my heart since the events in Tucson last week. I hope they are cared for - getting meals, rides, and support - from those in the community. I cannot imagine the pain they must all be suffering. If a child or a sibling of mine had done something like this, I would be crippled for life. A priest friend of mine wrote this at my request that we pray for Jared and his family. Please share in private or with friends.

May the souls of those who died rest in peace; may the wounded recover; may all the families affected in any way be led into deeper relationship with the Holy One; may Jared get the care he needs; and may our country recognize it's own woundedness in all of this and take whatever steps are needed for healing and wholeness.

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Jul. 31, 2007 3:01 pm

The Founders Created the Electoral College to Prevent a Foreign-Influenced Candidate From Winning - It Didn't Stop Trump, so Let's Scrap It

Thom plus logo It's time to take another step forward in fine-tuning our republic and abolish the Electoral College.

America's Founders and Framers thought they could use the Electoral College to prevent somebody like Donald Trump from ever becoming president. Unfortunately, they were wrong, and now we're paying the price.