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For any individual who consider themselves lets say progressive or liberal, libertarian, independant and people who dont vote and or other 3rd partiers or discontent demlicans/republicrats - I have a message for you?

How long will we wait to make the ultimate alliance - what I mean is our country is going to be doomed unless either the real progressives take over the Democrats or the libertarians take over the Republicans or there's a 3rd party like Ross Perot, or, what would seem natural is have a true unified political force of libertarians and progressives and independants on more than a couple of main issues - I do see this happening here and maybe there but not in any sense of urgency - . . . hear me out please - and maybe you are way ahead of me I hope.

I have two questions for you all and after reading it let me know what you think and then I also just want to share some personal politcal ideas from an indepandant perspective and why this can work and I think is the best possibility and not that it will even work but I think the most practical chance we have to take back our country specifically from "to big to fail" corporate interests and other shananigans

Its the best alternative to choose and could be fun:

First Question
1- If you are a democrat and or a true progressive would you vote for someone that would -
- restore the democratically elected republic & end the empire spending saving about $500 billion every year (if brought to Clinton levels) and 1 trillion at least every two years (DHS police state budgets, even more savings), while ensuring our Bill of Rights, eliminating corporate welfare (hundreds of billions), ending the drug war (billions), reducing the debt by lowering the interest paid making your dollar worth more, legalizing hemp, making a more hospitipal environment for entreprenuers and starts ups, making sure alternative medicine and voices are protected, allowing prescription drugs to be imported, having a strong defence and making more friends with the world by leading from example, having a transparent, open and accountable government that also protects whistle blowers and audits not just the Federal Reserve but makes no agency above the law, and opening dialougue and debate with sincerity and honesty while not having to realistically worry about Education and Social Security cuts and other social safety nets because that is mostly up to our Congress and is just a bunch of fear hype - but everything else mentioned would come to pass - would you then vote for Ron Paul? - if the most libertarian idea he proposes is if someone wants to excercise their right to opt out, that, that would be recogznized, and they wont go to prison for it and have their property seized and even that would also need to pass Congress and is now more a philosphical debate although you may come to think it makes sense and that we actually have solved this puzzle because maybe if all the above things were corrected it wouldnt be such a big issue anyways (and we could have the best from the so called left and right and not the worst). Do you think that 4 years of that with maybe lets say Jesse Ventura as Vice President (which would erase the age issue) might be a good vote this 2012?

2- or would you rather vote for someone that tells you what you think you want to hear but breaks almost every promise and never delivers on hardly any of it? like corporate bailouts (both parties) to Wall Street (the money could have been directed to the people to trickle up instead & may have saved both the peoples houses and saved the banks but instead trickled or more like flowed, only to the connected institutions) and the Health Care Industries & Military Industrial Complex and private mercenaries, and to secret private intelligence agencies and others that have the money, empire spending, empire wars, supporting the patriot act and other laws that contradict the Bill of Rights and 4th Amendment and executive signing statements, indefinate detention etc & keeping the status quo on the drug war and hemp and being surrounded by lobbyists in your own administration?
And has done little to nothing, for renewable energy resouces like solar (here's a thought, & I have done the math - all the bailout money could have either solarized most of this whole country or saved peoples mortgages but instead neither was done and instead that all went to people that are highly suspected of commiting fraud) (if we solarized this whole country people would have a significant amount more money in their wallets every month for decades to come, good for the economy and we could've created good jobs of the future and reduced our dependence on other countries and oil behemoths and had a better environment and reduced demand and thus reducing the cost of fuel, but no, instead we have witnessed pretended short sightedness to sneak money to the rich)

[Keep in mind even without an income tax we would be able to have a government the size of the 2000 fiscal year so dont give me the driving on public roads analogy please, and that would also cover the costs of defence etc., and actually having a voluntary tax or fee for services you may see more people signing up, I would pay into a public castostrophic insurance that was voluntary and saved money from not having to advertise etc, & with a deductible to cut out fraud and keep prices reasonable; anyways that's nothing to lose sleep on because those debates would most likely be after Ron Pauls 4 or 8 years when doing all that I mentioned above first we would be in the beginning of a new Renaissance, anyone who actually is worried about that needs to consider what a President can actually do and not do and what the real issues are and the issues that Ron Paul can really affect are ones you may consider voting on -]

You may not believe it but there are plenty of interviews (Youtube and elsewhere) that Ron Paul does state that he is willing to compromise; and there are plenty of speeches and debates and interviews from the 70's upward that reveal his sincere character, and in 2012 any opposition will most likely be from a Republican or Independant, and he's already established, if we could only change the issues we agree upon that would be better than all the policy in the last 40+ years combined - and tell me that's not true.

Its just common sense and United we will Stand and you know the rest - I sincerely believe we need each other -
Imagine . . . (unifying issues for emphasis)
- no more needless wars - w/ fiscal year 2000 level defence spending savings combined with off budget military and DHS (we could still have by far the largest military) and probably cut almost a trillion dollars a year or about 800 billion, and not so many bases in Germany and Japan and S Korea and elsewhere. And maybe have more goodwill with other countries.

Stop unfair bidding of contracts and corporate cronyism and actually investigate fraud and cheats and too big to fails and investigate corruption all over and hold people accountable and have the people have the attention of Washington and not the lobbyists. Hold government and business and citizens accountable and have transparency and protect truth tellers and whistleblowers. And have a balance of power.

Maybe have a little better environment for small businesses and have a spirit of open debate with a growth of the arts since freedom of speech and all civil liberties will be very much recognized - and a real philisophical discussion that is healthy will begin - also protect alternative medicine and other things that big business wants to crush by making thier competitors jump through hoops, and let in prescription drugs from Canada and lots of those kinda issues.

Legalize hemp and marijuana (two different plants BTW) - there are more than plenty of reports on those benefits so I will not re-hash. but it benefits in more ways than one, from psychological to economic to freedom and stopping the drug war also.

Fairer elections and getting rid of Nafta and Gatt and really just standing up to the big corrupt special interests.


I also have some ideas of my own and I am not any fundamentalist either I have voted Nader as well as Libertarian before and I think the big issue is corruption and all these others are good issues but they are being used to play us against each other. So lets argue about high speed rail once we save this country; and I know that may sound cheesy but what else is there?

My personal Feb 2011 platform -

* I think of people as individuals - Libertarian
* I believe in civil liberties and our Bill of Rights - Libertarian/Progressive
* I believe in ending wars like the drug war and believe we are a republic not an empire - Libertarian/Progressive
* I believe in trancparancy, freedom of information, accountability, honesty, fairness, leading by example - Libertarian/Progressive
* I think we should have a social safety net and I think that the IOU's from Social Security are still valid - Progressive
* I do think anyone does have a right to opt out - Libertarian
* I do think it would be great to be able to buy and sell goods without having to keep records if I dont want to, & not have a road-block of fees, regulations and liscenses that hurt competition and that if we let the market be free it will grow like the internet has and hopefully will continue and hopefully we can have that same kind of freedom in real life and virtual life so to say - Libertarian
* I do think we need to be mindful of not just corporate welfare but also special interests that can corrupt local and federal government and that some institutions can become a threat to our liberty and not everyone has the best intentions - Progressive/Libertarian (though may not seem like it sometimes)
* I do like the Post Office and will keep using it - Progressive
* I think of each state as 50 laboratories of freedom (but think the Bill of Rights/Constitution applies to all) Libertarian/Progressive
* I do think that people can come together thru the government and offer a lot of great public option (opt in) services and believe there are somethings worth investing in like space and technology and that those discoveries should be open source - Progressive
* I believe we can have fairer elections, and have debates sponsored by public TV for all candidates who have the potential to get on enough ballots to win and give them free advertising on the public channel as well and interviews and if any private meda want debates of course thats their right as well and it would be a good idea to have each state do the same for local elections and that would not get the money out of campaigns but it would make it so it doesnt matter anymore, also have a None of the Above option - Independant
* I believe we could balance the budget by bringing defence level spending to 2000 year levels - close a lot of bases oversees - eliminate the dept of Homeland Security (still have intelligence agencies), and Commerce, and Agriculture, Interior, Labor, Housing and Urban Development, IRS and cut back others but do have regulations on some like oil rigs or projects that have the potential to cause more damage than they would be able to pay back if they were sued and held liable, and charge a small tax on imports instead of income tax and a national lottery and prices paid via individual for some services that are public options, and turn Medicare into a public option that offers, among other options that may cost more, but at the least a public catastrophic insurance with a reasonable deductable, and I think we should raise taxes on the top tier earners for 5 years then have them expire, then after that any taxes would have to be sunset after 5 years and can only be reinstated with a 2/3's vote in both Houses, and any law not part of the Constitution for that matter, and if we needed to - have 15% of the debt paid via increasing the money supply and we would balance the budget in 5 years - Independant
* I also believe property tax should be illegal and that land should be granted to the poor and other citizens in lots and there should be some public option organization to help them build them selves and to own and not be in debt to it - Independant
* I believe that government should be able to negotiate prices with contractors and contractors should have to bid in a fair process that has an expiration date that's reasonable, and any funds must go to a domestic organization/individual first if at all possible and that any company that does take a contract is responsible to the public for the job they do and have to abide by US laws - Libertarian/Progressive
* I believe in our sovreignty and our right to control our destiny and money and laws and organizations that can do actions here, however do believe w/ a small import tax most everything should be legal from other countries including prescription drugs - Independant
* I believe that on private property private roads are OK, but on public property public roads are a good idea - [to clarify: whoever gets that road is a lucky person to keep having those tolls paid to them - I mean most public roads are built by private organizations anyway, which is a good idea if bidded on fairly, but to have that same company own it, I would have to ask: for how long do they own it and do they get to inherit it to their offspring and why cant I own the road because I could just as easily win the bid and then use that money to have contractors bid on building it myself and keep my cut and continue to get those tolls forever which doesnt seem fair] - Progressive
* I believe we will be safest if we are free; and that we are safer having an open society that can quickly bring perspectives from all over and discuss them and work together as one big intelligence agency in freedom principle and brainstorming and voluntarily working together because we want to - Libertarian/Progressive

Thomas K

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Feb. 17, 2011 3:32 am

Where is Donald Trump's Worldview Leading Us?

I want to step back a little from the constant strum of the latest Trump scandal to the most recent outrage, the Trump constantly popping into the news literally every day. I don't remember this during the Obama administration or any other presidency frankly of my lifetime.

Every day they look for some way to get in the news even if it's negative.

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