Time for REVOLUTION in THIS country!

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We talk of revolution, we want radical change, but who is willing make the sacrifice to start and sustain a revolution? The revolution has been going on for years, but the number of people actually working for the changes we need and desire are too few. The systems that have been put into place make it very difficult to start and sustain a revolutionary resistance movement in this country.

The corruption within our government, military industrial complex, and the financial, judicial, and corporate sectors have gone for the most part unchecked for decades, if not centuries. We must have radical change NOW in order to avoid the complete collapse of our country.

Corporate profits are at record highs yet schools and hospitals are crumbling and closing. Unemployment and underemployment are extremely high (but the neither the government nor corporate news media gives out factual figures on this). People are losing their homes at the highest rate in recorded history. Food banks, pantries, and soup kitchens have seen a 150%-200%+ increase in the need for services. Many of our State Parks are getting auctioned off, closed and dilapidated. Every social program or service that benefits the public including Mental Health, Children's Services, Veteran's Programs, etc. has been eroded to the point of near collapse because of perpetual "budget cuts" and underfunding.

How much more are we willing to take as a Nation? We know that George Bush was not truly elected into office but instead won by a rigged election in so many different ways. Even after we KNEW a (arrogant, ignorant) man had stolen the presidency not once but twice, and gotten away with it, there was no reform. He started two illegal wars by telling lies and inciting fear. He recruited our children, fathers, mothers, friends and countrymen to fight and murder and die for a phony "noble cause" and many people bought it. Still there was no reform. There were mass protests that continue to this day- that is revolution, but there are not enough people acting to make things change quickly!

The U.S. Government overthrew the Government of Iraq (Kuwait in the 90's), bombing and plundering one of the most ancient civilizations on the planet killing tens of thousands of civilians (including many women and children). They imprisoned, humiliated, and then arranged the execution of Saddam Hussein, who had NOTHING to do with 9/11! Hussein was resisting the U.S. push for "free trade" and the exploitation of his country (which is happening now for the last 10 years+). STILL there has been no real change, no reform.

We know that 5 of the sitting 9 Justices of the Supreme Court have unethical conflicts of interest and should not be sitting on the bench, most recently evidenced by the FEC v. Citizen's United decision last January. STILL the people won't demand radical change!

While the majority of people in this country are and have been preoccupied with maintaining thier lifestyle, whether it's basic survival or making a million dollars a year, our fundamental rights and protections have been whittled away to nearly nothing.

Some have been fighting for years and even decades to bring about meaningful change, but when the rulemakers keep changing the rules to their advantage how can we ever have true justice?

Now our government is publicly admitting their plans to assassinate AMERICAN CITIZENS that they feel may pose a threat to their security. This means that those people who are brave enough to expose the lies and corruption and who are working for social justice and meaningful change- the people fighting the System- they are the ones who are and will be targeted. YET STILL THERE IS NO REVOLUTION!

What more will it take my fellow Americans? How many more people have to suffer or die in order to build a revolution into a true revolt? Is this citizenry so distracted by their own little realities that they are unwiling to pay attention to the greater realities facing us all? What will it take to get us all on the same page or at least in the same chapter? Will it take the corporate funded Military Industrial Complex dropping nuclear bombs on our own country ?(They are, just not on our houses yet) (We just have to make sure they wouldn't try to blame it on another oil rich country they don't own yet.)

Do people want their dignity? Do people want social justice? Don't you want to hear the truth no matter how disturbing, or do you want to hear convenient lies? What do we want for our future generations? Our current path is unsustainable and will only serve to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. We MUST unite in solidarity. We ARE the Citizen Army and it is our duty to protect our country, our families, our sanity. We can do this in a non-violent manner but it will take all of us working together! If the people of Tunisia, Egypt and Sudan can have a successful revolution I do not doubt our ability to do the same.

Revolution is inevitable, why not now?

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rural activist
Jun. 18, 2010 11:29 am


Im ready! I have been trying to educate my fellow co workers and family and friends to these terrible happenings. I wish i had a big enough voice to get people all over my country to hear me. I think education is very important. If we can get enough people to shut off Jersey Shore or Kardashians to listen. So even if were solo in this. Im ready! Viva la Revolucion!!

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Feb. 6, 2011 5:30 pm

Is war on the menu for 2020 elections?

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