Most likely source for Barium and Aluminum contamination in the environment

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As we have a few Chemtrail fanatics, thought to give some better information. As of 2008, the burning of coal produced approximately 131 million tons of fly ash, that is, coal ash which is airbourne. Of this, the US Coal industry captured 71 million tons of this ash. Which means, 60 million tons of this highly toxic product were released into the atmosphere. Now, here is a list of the elements found within coal ash:



















The exact amounts of each depends on the source of the coal used. One particular mine, according to the USGS, has the following percentage:

Silicon DiOxide: 4%

Aluminum Oxide: 35%

Iron Oxide: 23%

Sulfer Trioxide: 5%

Barium Sulfate: 27%

With the rest being trace elements such as Titanium, Graphite, and Uranium. This mine, out of Colorado, supplies 80% of the coal power in the state of Arizona. Arizona also has one of the lowest percentages of fly ash capture in the nation, only capturing the federally mandated minimum of 33%.

From my analysis, this is a far more likely source for both Aluminum and Barium toxicity conditions in Arizona than the rumors of aerial spraying.

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Oct. 12, 2010 11:04 am


Now that I've let people chew on it a bit. The mines in question are owned by Oxbow Corporation, a subsity of Koch Industries. If you look at the Chemtrail websites, and their sponsors, you start seeing familiar names popping up, all Koch Industries affiliates, donation recipiants, partners, and subsidies.

I know if I were a polluting multi-billionaire, getting people to get angry over a government run non-existant operation, to blame said non-existant operation for all health issues, would be something I'd be looking into.

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Oct. 12, 2010 11:04 am

The sky is a very big place. In comparison to the numbers above, the values are pretty much insignificant, at least in the sense we're talking about.

It has already been shown / proven that the aluminum and barium and strontium are not coming from pollution, or smog. Including pollution from China. There have always been TRACE amount of those metals in the air and water, in the very low parts per billion (usually less than 1 ppb). But NOTHING like what we see now. Not even close.

When you get 200 to 500 ppb of aluminum in "clean" rainwater, or 200 ppb of barium and/or strontium, something VERY "bad" is happening. The values around locations where there is a lot of industry and/or burning of "unclean" coal MIGHT be a little higher, but, again, I'm pretty sure not even close.

So California rainwater, for example, should be pretty clean. And it used to be. But not anymore. And it is getting worse.

There is no actual "proof" that geoengineering aerosol spraying in the "chemtrail" sense is occurring, but there are clues that suggest what is being found in rainwater, snow packs, and standing bodies of water are coming from the very obvious aerosol spraying that is occuring, on a world-wide basis.

People who are clueless, in (extreme) denial, irrational, etc., don't seem to be able to understand and see that the supposed "contrails" they see, are not contrails.

True contrails almost always form in the stratosphere (above ~25-30,000 ft.), where it is very cold and arid, so the water molecules in the jet exhaust cause CONdensation trails. These almost always dissipate behind the jet as the jet travels. If they do not dissipate, there is a possibility that they contain "smoke". But even if they do "persist", they drift apart and relatively quickly dissipate.

Geoengineering aerosol spray trails are almost always sub-stratospheric (below ~25,000 ft.), usually well-below that, so they look very low. If you have good binoculars, you can see that the spray trails are not coming from the jet engines. (especially look for more trails then there are engines, if you know planes and can recognize them) They generally (almost always) do not dissipate behind the jet. They "persist", which is why the term "persistent contrails" was invented in the mid-1990's, (most likely) because people started asking questions. They not only do not dissipate, they usually spread out laterally, causing "false cloud cover". They will also often cross back and forth (X's), have multiple parallel trails, etc. And often not be in or align with the airline corridors that almost all air traffic use.

If you are old enough, you can remember what the skies used to look like back before the mid-1980's. True contrails are rare, like rainbows, and when we saw one, if you were into that sort of thing (planes, skywatching, etc.), you would say, "Look, a contrail." And they always acted as described above. The skies were also MUCH bluer then, and not the milky light blue we see today. That's partly why Arizona and New Mexico people are so upset, because their beautiful blue skies have been taken from them. People in that area are also now finding high traces of barium in their blood, which is not a good thing.

It is particularly evident what the difference is between a true contrail and a "chemtrail" when you see both in the sky at the same time, which happens occasionally when a contrail is made. But you have to be a skywatcher to see that, because it doesn't happen often.

There are also patents, which are easily found online, that talk about affecting climate using geoengineering and sprayed particulate compounds. They specifically state that the compounds used could (or should) be aluminum, barium, and/or strontium. There are multiple patents. Some also suggest sulfers, but those cause "acid rain".

I am trying to find out if the aluminum in question is of nano-particle size, as some have suggested and/or claimed. It's a very difficult thing to do for a layperson, or a lay-scientist. (because "real scientists" won't touch the issue with a ten foot pole; not if they want to keep their careers, keep getting grants, especially from the DOD, and/or not be drummed out of the scientific community as a "conspiracy theorist", etc.) If it is nano-particle aluminum, then that is yet again another "clue", because that does not occur naturally in nature, and is not created by any known process, like burning coal, or whatever, that would cause it to be found at all, much less all over the U.S., and/or world-wide.

All of this info is available on many websites on the Net. It's a fairly complex issue, though, with a lot to learn, and digest, and remember, and find, so it's not an easy task.

That's a fairly quick, off-the-cuff answer.

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Dec. 20, 2012 4:10 pm
Quote BillDee:The sky is a very big place.

Thanks for resurrecting and replying to this dis-info rationalization from Downer (Downix) dated March 2011. The ongoing crimes perpetrated against the sky are equal to extreme violence against the environment and against all of us. Not one day passes in my city when the sky is not gang-raped by the psycho-vandals that are violating nature itself.

Merry Christmas

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

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