Teachers in our Public Schools with a Political Agenda

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Teachers in our Public Schools with a Political Agenda

If public school teachers are permitted to spew their warped out rhetoric completely unchecked, we're in trouble. I am greatly concerned with the Op Eds being published regularly in the "Conway Daily Sun" [of New Hampshire], written by a teacher in the public school system. His name is Tom McLaughlin and he has a website at tommclaughlin.blogspot.com.

His editorials / rants are usually a summary of a recent classroom discussion based on politics, with the most recent one (today) being about the death of Osama Bin Laden, how we owe it all to water boarding, torture (but it's okay if its a terrorist), a Fox News interview (rah rah)... and how Obama and his Generals are putting our soldiers at risk. The title of his article is: "Gutsy Decision?"

We live in America; we have a right to our political beliefs [freedom], however, this man is drilling his students and filling their heads with blatant propaganda. His articles contain quoted conversations clearly indicating the pressure that he is applying to his students. I cannot believe how dangerous this practice is. I am dismayed that parents, teachers and others in general are reading this and not questioning this man's intentions, integrity and abuse of power. Are they lazy? Apathetic? Ignorant? Can't read? What is going on?

He has crossed the line!
There is no question that our youth are at risk if this is what goes on in our 'tax funded' public classrooms. Is it up to the teacher to present a one sided political viewpoint? What happens to the student who disagrees with this man? Will his grades suffer? Will she be an outsider? I believe that it is vital to be aware of current events, but in an educational, informative manner. Healthy, balanced debates are also important. Ditch the politics and brain washing.

This teacher and the content of his agenda are okay?...Wow... This is unacceptable.

Please, please, please read this.... I have added two links to read this article. He has written many off the charts pieces - which is his right- but not in the classroom. Actually, there are a few contributors that show how ignorant this news organization is. I usually skim over these articles during lunch, but today I was stunned because it involves students. Let's 'not' overlook this.

http://issuu.com/DailySun/docs/cds5-12-11/5 His article is on Page 6.

http://tommclaughlin.blogspot.com/2011/05/gutsy-decision.html This is the article on his blog. (This might be a friendlier site and you can read all of his wonderful offerings).

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